Mammalian Hybrids




For history, I say again, has this and this only for its own: if a man will start upon it, he must sacrifice to no God but Truth.

All of the crosses listed below have been reported. About half have definitely occurred. As to the other half, let the reader judge. The various reports are quoted and cited, with a minimum of opinion interjected. It must be said, though, that the evidence in general becomes less reliable as the crosses become more distant. However, this correlation is not strict, that is, some crosses between closely related animals are less well documented than certain distant crosses.

Mammalian Hybrids

Intrageneric crosses: Intergeneric crosses: Intersubfamilial crosses:
Note: Most scientists do not believe that crosses as distant as those listed below can actually occur. That is, the idea that intergeneric crosses occur is widely accepted, but not the notion that interfamilial crosses do. And most scientists consider the occurrence of interordinal and interclass crosses as far-fetched, or even impossible, especially ones involving human beings. However, a careful review of the literature reveals that there is a great deal of evidence that such distant crosses do, at least in rare instances, take place. It has been my policy in listing reports of hybrids to include all serious allegations, especially those of scholars, whether or not the hybrid alleged seems possible or likely to me. This policy, I think, helps to eliminate subjective judgment on my part, and therefore should remove at least one source of systematic bias from my work. It also helps to fulfill the ethical obligation of telling not just the truth, but the whole truth.
I am obliged to report that which is reported, but not to believe it.
—Herodotus, The History, VII, 152
Interfamilial crosses:Interordinal crosses:
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Galago × Dormouse >>

Dog × Pig >>

Dog × Goat >>

Dog × Sheep >>

Dog × Cow >>

Bear × Cow >>

Bear × Goat >>

Bear × Horse >>

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Cat × Black Rat >>

Cat × Red Squirrel >>

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Cat × Opossum >>

Opossum × Coatimundi >>

Dog × Primate >>

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Giraffe × Zebra >>

Deer × Horse >>

Moose × Horse >>

Jumarts: Equid × Bovid >>

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Horse × Human >>

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Two avian interordinal crosses:

Chicken × Duck >>

Canary × Parakeet >>

Interclass crosses:
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