A Bear-sheep Hybrid?



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bear mating with deer A young bear trying to mate with a deer (a similar mating to sheep x bear).

The following notice appeared on page 7, column 3, of the March 31, 1943, issue of the Austrian newspaper Neue Warte am Inn:

    A unique monstrosity was found among the stock of a farmer in Thundorf near Bad Reichenhall, a so-called bear-lamb ["Bärenlämmchen"]. Just as cows sometimes produce bear-cows ["Bärenkälber"], so in Thundorf a sheep today gave birth to a lamb with a stocky, round body, short feet and a bearlike head. The monstrosity lived an hour. The mother sheep died. [Translated by E. M. McCarthy. Original German.]

Thundorf is a village in Germany about three miles north of Bad Reichenhall.

dog-cow hybrid A dog-cow hybrid?

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By the same author: Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World, Oxford University Press (2006).

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