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And howsoever the matter we speak of is abominable, yet it is not fruitlesse, but helps much to the knowledge of some other things in the searching out of the secrecies of nature.
—John Baptista Porta
Natural Magic, 1658

Many people are convinced that human hybrids, that is, hybrids involving human parentage, do not exist (other than ancient hybridization between various members of the genus Homo). But it’s a head-in-the-sand mentality, for there is actually quite a bit of evidence to the contrary. Perhaps it’s just that many people feel more comfortable denying the very possibility of such things than they do discussing the various reports of their existence. Obviously, the manner in which such things would come into being, would involve acts that would violate longstanding cultural and ethical taboos.

Check me out. On this website I list certain hybrids that many people would say are impossible, including hybrids involving human beings. So how can you know whether I’m being honest or, on the other hand, whether I’m just a nut? Easy. You can figure it out for yourself, without asking even a single expert. All you have to do is to spot-check the reports I list and see whether the sources that I cite verify what I say. Once you check, at random, say ten reports, you'll begin to see for sure that I’m not making any of this up.

By the same author: Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World, Oxford University Press (2006).

Note: It has been my policy in listing reports of hybrids to include all evidence available, as well as any serious allegations, especially those of scholars, whether or not the hybrid alleged seems possible or likely to me. This policy, I think, helps to eliminate subjective judgment on my part, and therefore should remove at least one source of systematic bias from my work. It also helps to fulfill the ethical obligation of telling not just the truth, but the whole truth.
Human-Pig Hybrid An ostensible human-pig hybrid born in China in 2008. Surprisingly, the evidence for the existence of hybrids of this type is considerably more solid than what is available for hybridization between apes and human beings. Read more …

human-chicken hybrid
A human-chicken hybrid?

But taboos should not guide science. And as a scientist, I feel I have an obligation to look at evidence, to share that evidence, and to think about its implications. If you wish to be better acquainted with what’s known about this phenomenon, read the articles below. Just click on the links. You'll find very little in the way of my opinions. Just videos, photos, quoted reports, etc. (Some readers may find the information contained in these articles disturbing.)

Some of the crosses listed below are better documented than others. But throughout the Mammalian Hybrids section of this website, I have set the policy that I will simply compile, under the heading of each cross, all evidence relating to that type of cross. In that way, the reader will be better able to make a personal judgment about how likely each different type of cross might be. So the various types of human hybrids listed below occupy a continuum between fact and myth. Some like pig × human are closer to fact. Others, like bear × human and horse × human lie closer to myth. The arrow indicates my own assessment of the reliability of the evidence.

Human hybrids:

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× Sus scrofa [Domestic Pig] Videos, News, Historical, Ancient.

× Bos taurus [European Domestic Cattle] Reports, Thai Birth, Kudans.

× Canis familiaris [Domestic Dog] Read about this cross >>

× Caprinae [Caprinids (goats, sheep)] Yesterday, Today, Art.

× Pan troglodytes [Chimpanzee] Recent, Ancient

× Gallus gallus [Domestic Fowl]

× Pongo pygmaeus [Orangutan]

× Equus caballus [Domestic Horse]

× Felis cattus [Domestic Cat]

× Testudines [Turtle]

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