Pig-human hybrids?




Some readers may find the contents of this page disturbing.



If it rains, I am not to blame.

This page displays pictures of four ostensible pig-human hybrids, all with frontal proboscides, two of them cyclopean.

Pig-human hybrid Pig-human hybridAbove: One of the most recent ostensible pig-human hybrids, farrowed on Monday, Feb. 9, 2015 in southern China. A sow belonging to Tao Lu, a resident of Yanan township in the city of Nanning, produced a “piglet” with a human-like face. (Compare with additional specimens below.)
Pig-human hybrid
Above: Illustration of a “piglet” farrowed by a sow in Germany in 1751 (from Schreber 1752), which closely resembles the specimen (above) born Feb. 9, 2015, in China. The German individual differed, however, from the Chinese in being asymmetric. Its left ear was like that of a human being (including the presence of an earlobe), while its right was like that of a pig. With regard to the German animal, Schreber (p. 395) also notes that “the tongue is wider than what is usual in a pig, and resembles that of a human being. The eyes stand close together,” he says, “like those of a human being and have the same form, with eyebrows and eyelashes. The head is rounded as in a human.” Note also that the odd curling of the hooves is present in both specimens. The trunk-like process on the forehead is a frontal proboscis (discussed in the main article).
Pig-human hybrid
Above: Copperplate depicting another ostensible pig-human hybrid, farrowed by a sow in the cattle market at Graz, Austria, August 11, 1742. Again curling hooves and a frontal proboscis are present. This specimen, however, was a cyclops. (Source).
Pig-human hybrid
Above: Another ostensible pig-human hybrid, a cyclops birthed on the island of Martinique, and at one time (possibly still?) in the collection of the Jardin des Plantes, Paris. Again a frontal proboscis is present, but the hooves appear to be normal. (Source: Moreau de la Sarthe, 1808).


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