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And such things as are not commonly known, and lie scattered here and there in other men’s writings, or are found among the old monuments and archives I shall endeavor to bring together.
—Plutarch, Nicias

Mammalian hybrids

A wide variety of mammalian hybrids are listed by category below. Mammal hybrids are much more numerous and far more diverse than many people imagine. They occur both in captivity and in a natural setting. Moreover, although it’s also contrary to popular belief, it’s a well-established fact that many hybrids can produce offspring.

Caution: Please note that this resource lists not only crosses that are well documented, but also ones that have been reported, but which are not definitely known to occur. The latter are listed as part of an effort to accumulate all available information about each specific type of cross under a single heading in one place. Obviously, then, the mere listing of such information under the heading of a given cross — especially when that information consists of a single, uncorroborated report — should not be construed as an assertion that that cross has actually occurred. Further investigation of poorly documented hybrids may eventually (or may not) verify preliminary reports of their existence.

Additional information about mammalian hybrids will be added to this page on an ongoing basis.

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Mule (horse × donkey)

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