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Pronghorn Pronghorn
Antilocapra americana
Though they are commonly called antelope, pronghorns are generally considered to be only distantly related to the true antelopes of Family Bovidae.

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Antilocapra americana [Pronghorn]
× Oreamnos americanus [Mountain Goat] A notice about tertium quid, speculated to be a hybrid of this kind, appeared on page 2 of the December 29, 1873, issue of the Indianapolis News, a newspaper published in Indianapolis, Indiana (source). It reads as follows: “An animal of the deer species was shot in the woods and its carcass sold to a man in East Saginaw, Michigan, the like of which is unknown to any of the people thereabouts. The animal seemed to he a cross between a mountain sheep and an antelope. It was pure white with the exception of a few dark colored spots down its back, and the fore legs were some six inches shorter than the hind.” This cross, which does not seem to be reported elsewhere, requires verification. Note also that Michigan, at the present day, is well outside the ranges of both the proposed parents.
× Ovis aries (♀) [Domestic Sheep] Two hybrids of this kind were reported as having been produced at Egon Canyon, Nevada, “crosses between common ewe sheep and the antelope.” The notice appeared on page 2 of the August 23, 1870, issue of The Carson Daily Appeal, a newspaper published in Carson City, Nevada (source). This cross, which would be interfamilial (Antilocapridae × Bovidae) and does not seem to be reported elsewhere, requires verification.

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By the same author: Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World, Oxford University Press (2006).

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