Tarsier Hybrids

Family Tarsiidae


tarsier dentatus
Dian’s Tarsier (Tarsier dentatus)
Photo: Sakurai Midori, Wikimedia

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Tarsier dentatus [Dian’s Tarsier]
× Tarsier lariang [Lariang Tarsier] ENHR(Indonesia) A hybrid zone exists on the island of Sulawesi near the villages of Winatu [1°33S, 119°58E, at 850 m] and Marena (1°34S, 120°01E, at 550 m). Moving along a transect across the zone, the shift from Dian’s tarsier-like duet calls to the type of Lariang tarsiers occurs very abruptly. Merker et al. 2009.
× Tarsier spectrum [Spectral Tarsier] These tarsiers are in parapatric contact on Sulawesi, and the type specimen for Tarsier dentatus may be a hybrid of this type. Brandon-Jones et al. 2004.

Tarsier lariang [Lariang Tarsier] See: Tarsier dentatus.

Tarsier spectrum [Spectral Tarsier] See: Tarsier dentatus.

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By the same author: Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World, Oxford University Press (2006).

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