Great Ape Hybrids

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ape-human-hybrid An ape human hybrid?

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Note: On the basis of morphological and genetic data, Ackermann and Bishop (2009) argued that the eastern lowland gorilla, Gorilla beringei graueri, arose via hybridization between the mountain gorilla, G. b. beringei, and the western lowland gorilla, G. gorilla gorilla.

Gorilla gorilla [Gorilla]
× Pan troglodytes [Chimpanzee] ENHI(Lower Guinea and central Africa). HPF. See the separate article “The Gorilla and the Koolokamba.”
× Homo sapiens [Human] Under experimental conditions human sperm succeeded in penetrating gorilla ova. The resulting zygotes were not allowed to develop. Lanzendorf et al. 1992.
× Hylochoerus meinertzhageni (♂) [Giant Forest Hog] See the separate article “The Gorilla and the Koolokamba.”

Pan paniscus [Bonobo]
× Pan troglodytes (♀) [Chimpanzee] See the separate article “Bonobo-chimpanzee Hybrids.”

chimpanzee Chimpanzee
(Pan troglodytes)

Pan troglodytes [Chimpanzee]
See: Gorilla gorilla; Homo sapiens; Pan paniscus.
× Homo sapiens (♂) [Human] See the separate article “Ape-human Hybrids.”
× Hylochoerus meinertzhageni (♂) [Giant Forest Hog] See the separate article “The Gorilla and the Koolokamba.”
+ Papio hamadryas (♂) [Hamadryas Baboon] DRS. Mating was observed in captivity, but no hybrids were reported. Matsubayashi et al. 1978.
× Sus scrofa (♂) [Domestic Pig] See the separate article “The Hybrid Hypothesis.”

Pongo sp. [Orangutan] See the separate article “Orangutan-human Hybrids.”

Pongo abelii [Sumatran Orangutan]
× Pongo pygmaeus (♂?) [Bornean Orangutan] CHR. DRS. HPF(♀♀). Formerly very common in captivity. Several hybrids were stillborn or died soon after birth. At least one female reached maturity and, in a backcross to P. pygmaeus, produced a stillborn male. These taxa are often lumped. Gray 1972; Kieter et al. 1983; International Zoo Yearbook 1971 (p. 268), 1973 (p. 325), 1974 (p. 373), 1975 (p. 366), 1977 (p. 308), 1978 (p. 377), 1979 (p. 356), 1980 (p. 425), 1981 (p. 313), 1983 (p. 318), 1984/1985 (p. 524), 1986 (p. 480), 1987 (p. 408), 1988 (p. 458), 1989 (p. 320), 1990 (p. 442), 1991 (p. 345). Internet:

Pongo pygmaeus [Bornean Orangutan] See: Pongo abelii.

dog-cow hybrid A dog-cow hybrid?

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By the same author: Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World, Oxford University Press (2006).

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