Genet and Civet Hybrids

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Note: Nomenclature for genus Genetta here follows the revision suggested by Gaubert et al. (2004), not Duff and Lawson (2004).

Genetta angolensis [Miombo Genet]
× Genetta maculata [Rusty-spotted Genet] NHR(ext. northeastern Mozambique). The type specimen of G. mossambica Matschie, 1902 (Mozambique Bush Genet) from Mocimboa (Museum für Naturkunde #19659/1106) is this hybrid. Gaubert et al. 2005.

Genetta cristata [Crested Genet]
× Genetta servalina [Servaline Genet] ONHR. CON: western equatorial Africa. Bahaa-el-din et al. 2013 (p. 20); Gaubert et al. 2006.

Genetta felina [South African Small-spotted Genet]
× Genetta tigrina [Cape Genet] ENHR. Massive hybridization occurs in southern coastal South Africa (between Beaufort and Umtala). These genets are often lumped. Gaubert et al. 2005.

Genetta genetta [Common Small-spotted Genet]
× Genetta maculata [Rusty-spotted Genet] NHR(south Africa). Gaubert 2003 (p. 91).
× Genetta pardina(♀) [Pardine Genet] CHR. CON: western sub-Saharan Africa. Zuckerman 1953 (p. 943).
× Genetta servalina [Servaline Genet] Long parapatric contact zone in central Africa (follows boundary of rainforest). No hybrids as yet reported. Kingdon 1977.
× Genetta tigrina(♂) [Cape Genet] CANHR(southwestern South Africa). A hybrid was collected near Cathcart (BMNH #3591162). Flower 1929a (p. 95); Gaubert et al. 2005; Przibram 1910 (p. 110); Zuckerman 1953 (p. 943).

Genetta maculata [Rusty-spotted Genet]
See also: Genetta angolensis; G. genetta.
× Genetta pardina [Pardine Genet] ENHR(Ghana)? Gaubert (2003, p. 100) says, “Considering the high amount of variation occurring in specimens attributable to [the population] genettoides and their geographic location covering the uncertain boundaries between the ranges of G. pardina and G. maculata, genettoides may represent a hybrid population.” Gaubert 2003; Gaubert et al. 2002, 2005.
× Genetta tigrina [Cape Genet] ONHR. These hybrids are known from southern Kwa-Zulu-Natal (Pondoland) and from S. Africa inland from Durban (e.g., Royal Natal National Park, Umgeni Valley Game Ranch, New Germany, Highflats). Gaubert 2003; Gaubert et al. 2005; Pringle 1977.

Genetta mossambica [Mozambique Bush Genet] See: Genetta angolensis × G. maculata.

Genetta pardina [Pardine Genet] See: Genetta genetta; G. maculata.

Genetta servalina [Servaline Genet] See: Genetta cristata; G. genetta.

Genetta tigrina [Cape Genet] See: Genetta felina; G. genetta; G. maculata.

Paguma larvata [Masked Palm Civet]
× Paguma leucomystax [White-whiskered Palm Civet] Gray (1972, p. 44) lists this cross, but Paguma larvata and Paguma leucomystax have not been treated as a separate species for many years. Flower 1929a (p. 98).

Paguma leucomystax [White-whiskered Palm Civet] See: Paguma larvata.

Viverra tainguensis [Tainguen Civet]
× Viverra zibetha [Large Indian Civet] NHR(Vietnam). Intermediates (probable hybrids) have been reported. Gaubert 2003.

Viverra zibetha [Large Indian Civet] See: Viverra tainguensis.

dog-cow hybrid A dog-cow hybrid?

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By the same author: Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World, Oxford University Press (2006).

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