Lorisid Hybrids

Family Lorisidae



Eliomys quercinus
Slow Loris

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The following appears to be the only reported information relevant to hybridization in Family Lorisidae. If you know of reported lorisid hybrids other than those listed here, please contact the website.

Loris lydekkerianus [Grey Slender Loris]
× Loris tardigradus [Red Slender Loris] ENHR. CON: Sri Lanka. Hill (1953, pp. 145, 146) says an intermediate population (grandis) hybridizes with both lydekkerianus and tardigradus. These taxa were recently split. More information >>

Loris tardigradus [Red Slender Loris] See: Loris lydekkerianus.

Nycticebus bengalensis [Bengal Slow Loris]
× Nycticebus couang [Sunda Slow Loris] ENHRI. CON: Sri Lanka. These taxa were recently split. Hill (1953, p. 160) says a population on the upper Malay Peninsula, tenasserimensis is “a transitional form between bengalensis and typical couang,” that is, tenasserimensis is geographically and morphologically intermediate. It is therefore a PHP of this cross.

Nycticebus couang [Sunda Slow Loris] See: Nycticebus bengalensis.

Perodicticus potto [Potto] A population between the Niger and Cross rivers (southeastern Nigeria), was treated by Hill as a race (ju-ju) of P. potto. It is geographically and morphologically intermediate between two other such populations (edwardsi, potto). Hill 1953 (p. 192).

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By the same author: Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World, Oxford University Press (2006).

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