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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

tachos — Speed.

tainia — Band, headband.

taktikos — Pertaining to arrangement.

taphos — Funeral, tomb, grave.

tautos — The same, identical.

taxis — Arrangement, order.

teinein — To stretch.

tele — Distant.

telos — End.

tetra — Four.

teuthis — Squid.

thamnos — Bush, shrub.


therme — Heat.

thrix — The hair of the head.

thrombos — Lump, clot of blood.

thylackos — Sac.

thymos — Mind, spirit.

thyreos — Oblong shield.

tokeus — Father, sire.

tomeus — One that cuts.

tomos — Cutting, sharp.

topos — Place.

toxon — Bow.

trachelos — Throat, neck.

tri — Thrice.

trophe — Nourishment, food.

tropos — Turn, direction, way.

trypanon — Auger.

tyros — Cheese.

tyrannos — King, unconstitutional ruler.

xanthos — Yellow.

xenos — Stranger, foreigner.

xeros — Dry.

xiphos — Sword.

xylon — Wood.

yalos — Glass.

ydor — Water.

yoeides — U-shaped.

yper — Above.

ypo — Under.

ypsi — High.


zoe — Life.

zoon — Animal.

zygon — Yoke, union.


tactus, tactus — Touch, sense of touch.

talus, tali — Ankle, ankle bone; pastern.

tardus, -a, -um — Slow, late.

tangere — To touch.

tegmen, tegminis — Covering, protection, clothing, armor, skin, shell, husk.

tela, telae — Web.

tempestas, tempestatis — Weather; storm; season.

tempus, temporis — Time; condition; season.

tepidus, -a-, -um — Warm, tepid.

tergum, tergi — Back, rear.

terminus, termini — Boundary, end.

terra, terrae — Earth; land; country.

terrere — Frighten, terrify.

tertius, -a, -um — Third.

testiculus, testiculiTesticle.

testudo, testudinis — Tortoise, turtle.

thalassinus, -a-, -um — Sea-green.

thallus, thalli — Young green branch or shoot.

theca, thecae — Case, box, cover, envelope, container.

thorax, thoracis/os — Chest, upper body.

tibia, tibiae — Pipe, shinbone.

tigris, tigris — tiger.

toxicum, -a, -um — Poison.

trans — Across, beyond, on the other side.

tristis, tristis, triste — Sad.

triticum, tritici — Wheat.

tubus, tubi — Pipe, trumpet.

tumulus, tumuli — Hillock; mound; grave.

tussis, tussis — Cough.

tympanum, tympani — Small drum.

typus, typi — Figure, pattern, type, model.

ubi — Where.

ulna, ulnae — Forearm.

ultra — Beyond, further, more, on the other side.

ulula, ululae — Tawny owl.

uncus, unci — Hook.

uncus, unca, uncum — Hooked, curved; barbed.

undecim, undecimus -a -um — Eleven.

unda, undae — Wave, surge.

unus, una, unum — One.

urbanus, -a, -um — Urban, pertaining to the city.

ursus, ursi — Bear (the animal).

uterus, uteri — Womb, abdomen.

uxor, uxoris — Wife.

vacuus, -a, -um — Empty.

vagina, vaginae — Sheath, scabbard.

valens, valentis — Potent, strong, robust.

varius — Various, diverse.

varix, varicisVaricose vein.

vas, vasis — Vessel, dish, vase.

velociter — Fast, swiftly.

velum, veli — Covering, curtain; sail.

vena, venae — Blood vessel.

venatio, venationis — Hunting.

venenum, veneni — Poison.

venter, ventrisAbdomen, belly.

ventus, venti — Wind.

venustus, -a, -um — Pretty, attractive.

verbum, verbi — Word.

vermis, vermis — Worm, maggot.

veritas, veritatis — Truth.

vesicula, vesiculae — Small bladder, blister.

vespa, vespae — Wasp.

vesper, vesperis — Evening, west.

vespertilio, vespertilionis — Bat.

vestis, vestis — Clothing, blanket.

vetus, veteris — Old, ancient.

via, viae — Way, road.

vibrare — To shake, vibrate.

vicinus, -a, -um — Neighboring.

videre — To see.

virgo, virginis — Maiden, young woman, virgin.

vivus, -a, -um — Alive, living.

vorare — To swallow, devour.

vulpes, vulpis — Fox.

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