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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

rachis — Spine.

rein — Flow.

rhaphe — Stitching, sewing.

rhegma — A breakage or fracture.

rhegnumi — To break asunder, rend.

rheos — Current.

rhis — Nose, snout.

rhiza — Root.

rhodon — Rose.

rhynchos — Snout, beak, bill.

sakcharon — Sugar.

salpinx — Tube.

sapros — Rotten.

sarx — Flesh.

saura — Lizard.

schizein — To split or cleave.



sideros — Iron.

sitos — Grain.

skleros — Hard.

skolios — Crooked.

skolex — Worm, grub.

skopein — To examine.

soma — Body.

spasmos — Convulsion.

speira — Coil.

sperma — Seed, semen, race, origin.

sphen — Wedge.

sphygmos — Pulse.

splangchnon — Internal organ.

sporos — Sowing, seed, offspring, semen.

staphyle — Bunch of grapes.

stasis — Condition of standing.

statos — Standing.

stear — Fat, tallow.

stege — Roof.

stemon — Warp, thread.

stenos — Narrow.

stethos — Chest.

stoma, stomat- — Mouth.

streptos — To be bent or turned.

stylos — Pillar.

syn — Together.

syrinx — Pipe or tube.

rabidus, rabida, rabidum — Mad, raging, crazy.

radius, radi(i) — Ray.

re- — Again.

regina, reginae — Queen.

renunculus, renunculiKidney.

respiratio, respirationis — Breathing.

rete, retis — Net, snare.

retro — Backwards, behind, on the back; formerly.

rex, regis — King.

rota, rotae — Wheel.

rufus, -a, -um — Red, ruddy.

ruga, rugae — Wrinkle, crease, fold.

rus, ruris — Country (rural area), countryside, farm.

rutilus, -a, -um — Red, orange.

rutundus, -a, -um — Round, circular, spherical, wheel-like.


saeta, saetae — Hair, bristle.

scientia, scientiae — Knowledge, science, skill.

scutum, scuti — Shield.

sanguis, sanguinis — Blood.

semen — Seed.

semi — Half.

separare — To separate.

septem, septimus -a -um, — Seven.

sesqui — One and a half times.

sex, sextus — Six.

simia, simiae — Ape, monkey.

sinister, sinistra — Left.

species, speciei — Appearance.

spirare — To breathe; blow; live.

squama — Scale.

squatina, squatinae — Shark, skate.

stercus, stercoris — Filth, dung, manure.

stratum, strati — Bed, blanket.

strix, strigis — Screech owl; vampire.

sub — Under, beneath, behind, during.

sulfur, sulfuris — Brimstone, sulfur; lightning.

super — Above, on top, upon, over, upwards.

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