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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

makros — Long, tall, high, large.

malaxis — Softening.

mastos — Breast, udder.

megas, megale, mega- — Big, great, full-grown, vast, high.

meion — Less.

melos — Limb.

melas — Dark, black, murky.


meros (1) share, portion, part; (2) thigh, femur.

mesos — Middle, in the middle.

meta — Among, between, after, later, along with.

metopon — Brow, forehead.


metron — Measure, rule.

mikros — Small.

misos — Hatred.

mitos — Thread.

mimeomai — To mimic, imitate, represent.

monos — Alone, solitary.

morphe — Form, shape, kind, sort.


myia — Fly.

mykes — Mushroom, fungus.

myon — Muscle.


nannos — Dwarf.

nekros — Dead, dying person, corpse.

nema, nemata — Thread.


neuron — Nerve, sinew, cord.

nipha — Snow.


noma — Distributing, ordering.

nosos — Disease.

nothos — Bastard, baseborn, spurious.

notos — Back.

nux, nyctos — Night.

magnus, magna, magnum — Big, large, tall.

major, majora, majorus — Bigger, larger, taller.

mal — Bad, evil, wicked; ugly.

marsuppium — Purse, pouch.

maximus, -a, -um — Biggest, largest, tallest, greatest.

medius — Middle, neutral.

medulla — Marrow, innermost part, kernel.

melior, melior, melius — Better.

metallum, metalli — Metal.

mille, milis — Thousand.

mons, montis — Mountain.

mucus, muciMucus, snot.

multus — Many.

mus, muris — Mouse.

musca, muscae — Fly (insect).

musculus, musculi — (1) Small mouse; (2) muscle.

mustela, mustela — Weasel.

nanus, nani — Dwarf.

nasus, nasi — Nose.

nervus, nervi — Muscle, nerve; cord, string.

nidus, nidi — Nest.

niger, nigra, nigrum — Black, dark.

nitrum, nitriNatron.

nix, nivis — Snow.

nocere — Harm, hurt, injure.

noctua, noctuae — Little owl.

nodus, nodi — Node, knot.

non- — Not.

nonus — Ninth.

normalis — Forming a right angle.

novem, nonus -a -um — Nine.

novus, nova, novum — New, fresh, young, unusual.

nox, noctis — Night.

nucleus, nuclei — Inside of a nut, nucleus.

nudus, nuda, nudum — Naked, bare, stripped.

nummus, nummi — Coin, cash, money.

nutus, nutus — Nod, command.

nux, nucis — Nut.

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