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acantha — Thorn.


adeps, adipis — Fat, grease; fatty tissue.

aetia — Cause.

aetos — Eagle.

agogos — Leading.

agra — Seizure.

aima — Blood.

aisthesis — Sensation, feeling.

akantha — Thorn.


akouein — To hear.

akris — Grasshopper.


akros — Uppermost.

aktis — Ray.

algesia — Sense of pain.

amethystos — Amethyst.


ampelos — Grapevine.

amphoos — Around, on both sides.

amphoreus — Amphora.

andros — Man.

anem — Wind.

angos — Vessel.

ankylos — Bent; fused.

anthax — Coal, carbuncle.

anthos — Flower.

anthropos — Human.

anti — Against.

aplanes — Fixed.

apo — Away from, off.

arachne — Spider.

arche — Beginning.

archein — To rule.


arktos — Bear (the animal).


arthron — Joint.

artios — Even (in number).

askos — Bag.

aster — Star.

asthenes — Weak.

atelos — Imperfect, defective.

attikos — Upper part.

autos — Same, self.

auxeine — To increase.

axon — Axle, axis, vertebra.

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ab — Departing from.

abavus — Great-great-grandfather.

abbatia, abbatiae — Abbey, monastery.


aberrare — Wander, deviate.

abicere — Cast down, throw away.

abusio, abusionis — Improper use of a term, catachresis.

abluere — Wash away, purify.

accipiter, accipitris — Hawk.

acetum, aceti — Vinegar, sour wine.

acerbitas, acerbitatis — Harshness, severity.

acicula, aciculae — Small pin.

acidus, -a, -um — Sour.

acipenser, acipenseris — Sturgeon.

aculeus, aculei — Sting, spine, thorn, point, spike.

acumen, acuminis — Sharp point; spur; sting.

acus, acus — Needle, pin.

acutus, -a, -um — Sharp, pointed; severe; acute.

ad — To, up to, towards; near, at; on.

adducere — To lead to, bring to.

adjungere — To add, attach.

adjuvare — To help, aid.

aequus — Level, even, equal, like.

aer, aeris — Air, atmosphere, sky.

ager, agri — Field, farm.

agitatus, -a-, -um — Animated, lively, agile.

agnus, agni — Lamb.

albus, -a-, -um — White, pale, fair; bright, clear.

alius — Other, another; different, changed.

allium, alli(i) — Garlic.

allucinari — To prate, dream, or imagine.

ambo — Both.

ambulare — To walk, move about.

amplecti — Surround, encircle, embrace, clasp.

ampliare — Enlarge, augment, widen.

ampulla, ampullae — Bottle, jar.

amygdalum, amygdali — Almond; tonsil.

amylum, amyli — Starch.

animal, animalis — Animal, creature, beast, living thing.

animatus, -a, -um — Alive, growing, endowed with spirit, animated.

ante — In front, in view; before, facing.

anus, aniAnus.

apes, apis — Bee.

apex, apicis — Point, top, summit; cap, crown.

arbor, arboris — Tree.

argilla, argillae — Clay.

astrologia, astrologiae — Astrology, astronomy; knowledge/study of the heavenly bodies as portents.

astronomia, astronomiae — Astronomy, astrology; science/study of the heavenly bodies.

ater, atra -um — Black, dark.

atrium, atri(i) — Main room or chamber.

audire — To hear.

auris, auris — Ear.

aurum, auri — Gold.

australis, australis, australe — Southern.

avis, avis — Bird.

axilla, axillae — Armpit.

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