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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

dacron — n. Tear (i.e., a drop of liquid shed from the eye).

dactylos — Finger.

dein — To bind.

deka — Ten.

demas — Body.

demos — Populace.

dendron — Tree.

dere — Neck.

derma — Skin.

dia — Through, by.

didymos — Twin, testis.

diploos — Twofold, double.

dipsa — Thirst.

dis — Double, twice.

dramein — To run.

drys — Tree, oak.

dynamis — Power.

dyo — Two.

dyodeka — Twelve.

echinos — Hedgehog or sea urchin.

echo — Echo.

ecto — Outside.

edmenai — To eat.

eikosi — Twenty.

eilein — To twist.

eiresis — Take.

ek — Out of, from.

ektropion — A turning or movement outward.

elaion — Oil.

elastikos — Elastic.

elkosis — Ulceration.

eleutheros — Free.


emein — To vomit.


endon — Within.

enkephalos — Brain.


entomon — Insect.

eos — Dawn.

epar — Liver.

ependyma — Wrap.

epi — Upon.


eremia — Lack.

ergon — Work.

erythros — Red.

eteros — Other.

ethmos — Sieve.

ethnos — Nation.

eurys — Wide.

eus — Good.

F — In English words of Greek origin, and therefore in the transliterations of Greek words given on this website, the sound of f is indicated by the spelling ph.

dare — To give.

de — Down from, away from, from, off.

decem, decimus, -a, -um — Ten.

dens, dentis — Tooth; tooth-like thing.

dexter, dextra, -um — Right, on the right hand; skillful.

dimidiare — To halve.

discus, disci — Disc, discus.

domi — At home.

dorsum, dorsi — Back.

draco, draconis — Dragon, snake.

ducere — To lead.

e, ex — From, out of.

edere — To eat.

epilepsia, epilepsiaeEpilepsy.

equus, equi — Horse.

ex — Out of, from, because of, as a result of.

excitare — To excite.

exterus — Outer, external, outward, far, foreign.

extra — Outside of, beyond, beside, except.

facere — To do, make, create, cause.

facies, faciei — Shape, face, appearance.

fasianus, fasiani — Pheasant.


febris, febris — Fever.

feles, felis — Cat.

felix — Happy, lucky, blessed.

femina, feminae — Woman.

fenestra, fenestrae — Window.

fero, ferre — To bring, bear, carry, produce.

ferrum, ferri — Iron.

fetus, fetus — Offspring.

fibula — Clasp, brooch.

figura, figurae — Form, shape, figure.

filix, filicis — Fern, bracken.

filum, fili — Thread.

flavus, flava, flavum — Yellow, golden.

flumen, fluminis — River.

forma, formae — Form, shape, model.

frons, frontis — Forehead, face, front, fore part.

fugere — Put to flight, chase or drive away.

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