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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

lagos — Hare.

lalia — Chatter.

laparaAbdomen, flank.

larynx — Larynx.

lasios — Shaggy, wooly.

leios — Smooth.

lemma — Rind, husk.


lepis — Flake, scale.

lepsis — Seizure.

leptos — Fine, small, thin, weak, delicate.

leukos — Light, bright, clear, white.

liparos — Greasy, fatty, oily.

lithos — Stone.

locheyo — To bear, carry, bring forth.

logos — Explanation, law, theory, reasoning, speech.

loma — Fringe.

lonche — Lance, spearhead.

lophos — Crest.

lykos — Wolf.

lyo — To dissolve.

lysis — Loosing, breaking up, parting, releasing.

labium, labi(i) — Lip.

lacrima, lacrimae — Tear (teardrop).

lacte, lactis — Milk.

lacuna, lacunae — Hollow, pit, cavity, space.

laevus, laeva, laevum — Left, on the left hand.

lagena, lagenae — Flask, bottle.

lana, lanae — Wool, soft hair.

latus, lata, latum — Wide, broad; spacious.

latus, lateris — Side, flank.

laurus, lauri — Bay-tree, laurel.

lenticula, lenticulae — Lentil, lens-shaped vessel.

leo, leonisLion.

lepra, leprae — Leprosy.

lepus, leporis — Hare.

liber, -a, -um — Free, unrestrained, frank, independent.

liber, liberi — Child.

liber, libri — Book, volume.

lien, lienis — Spleen.

lignum, ligni — Wood, timber, firewood.

lingula, lingulae — Tongue.

longus, longa longum — Long, tall, far.

lucidus, lucida, lucidum — Shining, clear, bright.

lumbus, lumbi — Loins.

luna, lunae — Moon.

lupus, lupi — Wolf.

luteus, lutea, luteum — Yellow.

lympha, lymphae — Water, water nymph.

lyra, lyrae — Lyre.

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