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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

odous, odont — Something pointed; tooth, spike.

odyne — Pain.

oidema — Swelling.

oikos — Habitation.

oion — Egg.


olecranon — Elbow.

oligos — Few, little, scanty, small.

omia — Shoulder.


ombros — Rain.

omphalos — Navel, umbilical cord.

on — Being (pres. participle of einein).

onkinos — Hook.

onkos — Bulk, mass.

onoma — Name.

onyx — Talon, claw.

ophthalmos — Eye.

ops — Eye, face.

optikos — Of or for sight.


oros — Mountain.

orthos — Straight, correct, true, just.


osme — Smell, odor, sense of smell.

osmos — Thrusting.

osphresis — Smell.

osteon — Bone.

ostrakon — Shell.

oulon — The gums.

oura — Tail.



ous — Ear.

ob — Toward, against, in the way of.

occludere — Close, shut, close off.

octo, octavus, -a, -um — Eight.

oculus, oculi — Eye.

olea, oleae — Oil, olive, olive tree.

olfacere — To smell.

omnis — All, every.

optime — (adv.) Best, well.

optimus, optima, optimum — (adj.) Best.

opus, operis — (n.) Work, need.

orexis, orexis — Appetite.

origo, originis — Origin, source, birth, ancestry.

ornatus, ornata, ornatum — Decorated.

oryza, oryzae — Rice.

os, oris — (1) mouth; (2) face.

os, ossis — Bone.

ostium, osti(i) — Front door, entrance, mouth (of river).

ostrea, ostreae — Oyster.

ovis, ovis — Sheep.

ovarium, ovariiOvary.

ovum, ovi — Egg.

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