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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

iasis — Infection.

iatros — Physician.

ichnos — Track, trace, footprint.

ichthys — Fish.


idios — Individual.

idros — Sweat.

ilos — Whole.

iris, irid- — Iris.

ischein — To restrain.

ischion — Hip.

isos — Equal.

istos — Tissue.

Note: — The letter K in a Greek root is often replaced by the letter C in modern English words derived from that root.

kainos — New, fresh.

kakos — Bad, evil, pernicious.

kalos — Beautiful.

kampe — To bend.

karkinoma — Cancer.

karkinomata — Cancers.

karpos — Fruit, wrist.

karya — Nut, kernel.

kata — Down.

keleTumor, hernia.

kentesis — Puncture.

kephale — Head.

keras — Horn.

kerkos — Tail.

kinesis — Motion, movement.

kleis — Key.

kleistos — Closed.

kline — Bed.

kneme — Shin.

knide — Nettle, sea nettle.

koilia — Belly.

koilos — Hollow.

kokkos — Berry.

koleos — Sheath.



kolyo — To hinder, prevent.

kome — Hair.

konios — Dusty.

konis — Dust.


kore — Pupil.

kormos — Tree trunk.

krinein — To secrete.

kryos — Freezing cold.

kryptos — Hidden, secret.

kyanos — Dark blue, lapis lazuli.

kyesis — Conception, pregnancy.

kyklos — Circle.

kyon — Dog.

kyphos — Bent forwards, hunchbacked, stooping.

kystis — Bladder, sac.

kytos — Hollow vessel.

ignis, ignis — Fire.

imber, imbris — Rain.

immunis — Exempt, immune.

incola, incolae — Resident, inhabitant.

infra — Below, lower than, further along; to the south.

insula, insulae — Island.

inter — Between, among, during.

intra, intro- — Within, inside, during, under.

ipse, ipsa, ipsum — Himself, herself, itself; the very/actual one.

iter — Journey, road, path.

iteratio, iterationis — Repetition.

iterum — Again.

jacio, jacere, jeci, jactus — Throw, cast, throw away.

janua, januae — Door.

jejunus, jejuna, jejunum — Fasting, hungry.

juba, jubae — Mane, crest (of a helmet).

jugulus, juguli — Throat, neck; collarbone.

jugum, jugi — Yoke; pair of horses.

juvenis, juvenis — Youth; young man or woman.

juvo, juvare, juvi, jutus — v. Help, aid, support, assist.

juxta — Near, next to.

Note: — The letter K is very rarely used in Latin.

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