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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

gala, galact- — Milk.

Galen — The Roman physician, surgeon and philosopher.

galeos — Shark.

gamia — Marriage.

gaster — Belly.

gennan — To produce.

glottis, glossa — Tongue.

glykys — Sweet (see also: hedys).

gnathos — Jaw.

gonos — Genitals, seed, offspring, procreation.

graphos — Written.

gymnos — Naked.

gyne — Woman.

habros — Delicate.

haploeides — Single.

hedra — Seat.

hedys — Sweet (see also: glykys).

hekaton — A hundred.

helios — Sun.

helix — Spiral.

helmis — Worm.

hemi- — Half-.

herpetos — Crawling, creeping.

hesperos — Western; of the evening.

hippo — Horse.

homos — Same.

galea, galeae — Helmet.

gallus, galli — Cock, rooster.

gallina, gallinae — Hen.

gelare — To freeze.

gelidus, -a, -um — Cold, icy, freezing.

geminus, -a, -um — Twinned, doubled, paired.

generatim — According to categories; in general.

generare — To beget, to father.

genu, genus — Knee.

genus, generis — Kind, sort.

gingiva, gingivae — Gum(s).

gladius, gladii — Sword; swordfish.

glaucus, -a, -um — Bluish gray.

gravius, -a, -um — Heavy.

gula, gulae — Throat, neck, esophagus.

guttur, gutturis — Throat, neck, esophagus; goiter.

habitare — To dwell, reside.

hereditas, hereditatis — Inheritance, heredity.

Hesperus, Hesperi — Evening-star (symbolically: the west).

hora, horae — Hour, time, season.

hortus, horti — Garden, park.

hostis, hostis — Enemy.

humanitas, humanitatis — Human nature, culture, kindness.

humerus, humeri — Upper arm, shoulder.

homo, hominis — Man, human being.

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