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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

badisis — Walking, going.

balanos — Acorn, glans penis.

barys — Heavy.

batrachos — Frog.

bathos — Depth.

bios — Way of life.

blastos — Bud.


blepharis — Eyelash.

blepharon — Eyelid.

bothros — Pit, cavity, trough.

botrys — Bunch of grapes.

brachys — Short.

bradys — Slow.

branchia — Gills.


bryon — Moss.

chaite — Hair.


cheilos — Lip.

chorein — To spread, advance, go.

choros — Place.

cheir — Hand, paw.

chloros — Green.

choane — Funnel.

choeros — Pig.

choleBile, gall.

chondrion — Small grain.


chordos — Cord.

chorion — Skin.

chroma, chromos — Color.

chronos — Time.

chrysos — Golden, yellow.

chylos — Juice, chlye.

clastos — Broken.


balaena, -ae — f. Whale (see also: cetus).

bellum, -i — War.

bene — adv. Well.

benignus, -a, -um — adj. Kind.

bilisBile, gall.

bis — Twice.

blattaNocturnal insect, especially: roach.

bonus, bona, bonum — Good, honest.

bos, bovis — Bull, cow, cattle.

brachium, brachi(i) — Arm.

bubo, bubonis — Horned owl, eagle owl.

bucca, buccae — Mouth, cheek.

bursa, bursae — Bag, purse.

caecus, caeca, caecum, — Blind.

caedo, -ere, cecedi, caesum — v. Chop, hew, murder, kill.

calcaneus, calcanei — Heel.

calvaria, calvariaeSkull.

calvus, calva, calvum — Bald.

calx, calcis — Limestone, lime, chalk.

canis, canis — Dog.

capillus, capilli — Hair.

carduelis, carduelis — Goldfinch.

caris, caridis — Shrimp, prawn, kind of crustacean.

carnis, carnis — Flesh, meat, the body.

catena, catenae — Chain, series, shackles, fetters.

cauda, caudae — Tail.

caulis, caulis — Stem.

centenus, -a, -um — One hundred.

cephalicus, -a, -um — Of or pertaining to the head.

cera, cerae — Wax.

cercopithecus, cercopitheci — Long-tailed monkey.

cerebrum, cerebri — Brain.

cervix, cervicis — Neck; narrow connecting structure.

cetus, ceti (also cetos) — m. Whale, dolphin, porpoise.

chama, chamae (also chema) — Clam, cockle, bivalve.

chelys, chelyos — Tortoise, turtle.

chirurgia, chirurgiaesurgery.

cibus, cibi — Food.

circum — About, around, near, on both sides.

cis- — On; to this; near side of.

clamor, clamoris — n. Shout, cry.

clangor, clangoris — n. Noise.

clarus, -a, -um — Clear, bright, famous.

cochlea, cochleae — Snail.

coctus — Cooked, baked.

cohors, cohortis — Cohort (one-tenth of a Roman military legion); .

colo, -ere — v. Live in a place, to inhabit.

collis, collis — Hill.

coma, comae — Hair of the head, mane.

condicio, -onis — n. Condition, terms.

contra — Against, opposite, opposed, contrary.

conus, coni — Cone.

cophinus, cophini — Basket (see also: corbis corbula).

copia, copiae — Plenty, supply.

cor, cordis — Heart.

corbis, corbis — Basket.

corbula, corbulae — Small basket.

cornu, cornus — Horn, hoof, beak, claw.

cortex, corticis — Skin, rind, outer covering.

costa — Rib; side, flank, back.

coxa, coxae — Hip (of human), haunch (of animal).

crabro, crabronis — Hornet, wasp.

cras — Tomorrow.

creta, cretae — Chalk.

crus, cruris — Leg, shank.

cubo, cubere, cubui, cubitum — v. Lie in bed, recline.

cubitus, cubiti — Elbow, forearm, ulna.

culina, culinae — Kitchen; cooking.

culinarius, culinaria, culinarium — Of or related to the kitchen, culinary.

cum — Together, with, common.

cunae, cunarum — Cradle.

cuneus, cunei — Wedge.

cupiditas, -atis — n. Desire.

cupio, cupere, -ivi-, -itum — v. Wish, want.

cur — v. Why.

curro, currere, cucurri, cursus — v. Run.

custos, custodis — n. Guard.

cutis, cutis — Skin.

cygnus, cygni — Swan.

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