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 Greek Roots:
 Latin Roots:

pachys — Thick, stout.

paidon — Young child.

palaios — Old, ancient.

para- — Beside, beyond, along, near, by.

parthena — Virgin.

pathe — Suffering, misfortune.

pelos — Clay, mud, mire.

penia — Lack, deficiency, poverty.

pepsis — Digestion.

perissos — Odd in number, superfluous.

peri — Round about, around, all around.

pexis — Putting together, connection.

phagein — To eat.

phakos — Lentil, lentil-shaped, as a lens.

phallos — Penis.

phaneros — Visible, manifest.

phanai — To speak, say.

pharmakon — Drug, medicine, potion, poison.


phasis — Utterance, statement, speech.

phileo — To love, regard with affection.

phleps — Blood vessel (whether vein or artery).

phobos — Fear.

phonema — Sound, utterance.

phoresis — Being borne.

phoros — Bearing.

photiso — Shine, give light.

phren — Mind.

phthio — To decay, wane, waste away.

phthora — Destruction, death.

phykos — Seaweed.

phylakeia — Guard, protection.

phylon — Tribe, race.

phyllon — Leaf.

physa — Bellows.

physis — Nature.

phyton — Plant.

pikros — Bitter.

pithekos — Ape, monkey.

plakes — Plates.

planos — Wandering.

plasm — Anything formed or molded.

platys — Flat, level.

plege — Stroke, blow.

pleura — Rib, side.

pneo — To breathe.

pneumon — Lung.

poiesis — Fabrication, creation, production.

poikilos — Spotted, varied, changeable.

polios — Gray.

poly- — Many, much, too much, excessive.

poros — Pore.

pous, podos, podi, poa — Foot.

proto- — First (in time).

pseudo- — False.

psyche — Life, spirit, soul, mind, consiousness.

pteris — Fern.

pteron — Feathers, wing, winged one.

ptosis — Fall, collapse.

ptyalon — Sputum, saliva.

pyelos — Tub, vat, trough.

pyge — Rump, buttocks.

pyknos — Close, compact, narrow, constricted.

pyle — Orifice.

pyloros — Gatekeeper.

pyon — Pus.

pyr — Fire.

palus, paludis — Swamp, marsh.

papilla, papillaePapule, pustule.

parare — Give birth to; beget, bring forth.

passer, passeris — m. Sparrow.

passerculus, passerculi — m. Sparrow (little).

pecus, pecoris — Cattle, herd.

peloris, peloridis — Mussel, clam.

pelvis, pelvis — Shallow basin.

penis, penis — Penis.

per — Through, during, by.

pes, pedis — Foot.

petra, petrae — Rock, boulder, stone.

phoca, phocae — seal (the marine mammal).

pilus, pili — Hair.

pinus, pinus — Pine, fir.

piscis, piscis — fish.

planus, plana, planum — Flat.

plumbum, plumbi — Lead (the element).

plus, pluris — More, too much.

pons, pontis — Bridge.

possum, posse, potui — Be able, can.

post — Behind, after, afterwards.

potens, potentis — Capable, mighty, powerful.

prae — Before, in front of, forward.

pro — On behalf of, for, before, beforehand, in front.

proprius, propria, proprium (adj.) — Own, individually characteristic.

psittacus, psittaci — Parrot.

pubescere — To reach physical maturity, grow body hair.

pulex, pulicis — Flea.

pulmo, pulmonis — Lung.

pus, puris — Pus.

putorius, putorii — Skunk.

quadratus (also: quadrum) — Square.

qualitas, qualitatis — Quality, nature.

quasi — As if.

quattuor, quartus -a -um, quaterni -ae -a, — Four.

quercus, quercus — Oak.

quietus, -a -um, — Resting, sleeping.

quingenti — Five hundred.

quinque, quintus -a -um, quini -ae -a — Five.

quiris, quiritis (also: curis) — A spear.

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