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New find: Dinosaur feathers in amber (Access study >>)

Winged cats?
Many news reports and YouTube videos have pictured cats with wings. What are these strange creatures? Read more…

Iguanas taking over in Florida
Six-foot green iguana exotics have become a commonplace in southern Florida. Read more…

Largest captive croc
A giant hybrid crocodile in a Thai zoo is the worlds largest in captivity. Read more…

Animal mummies
Scientists are creating their own animal mummies to understand how ancient Egyptians did the same. Read more…

Ancient Bees
Studying pollen from the legs of 48-million-year-old bees. Read more…

Japanese giant threatened
Japanese conservationists say natural hybridization threatens the second largest amphibian in the world, the Japanese Giant Salamander. Read more …

Snail fights back! Related research >>

A magnetic protein
Researchers think they may have discovered the protein basis of magnetic sensing in birds Read more…

green sea turtle

Green Sea Turtles making a huge comeback
Nesting data from the Florida coast shows green sea turtles are back — in a big way! Read more …


Great White takes a bite out of carbon
A new study suggests large predator fish like the Great White Shark play an important role in preventing global warming. Read more …

Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead sharks
Scientists track their travels for the first time. Read more …

javan rhinoceros mother and calf

Javan rhinos born
Three rare Javan rhino calves were born in an Indonesian park this year. Is the last remaining population of Rhinoceros sondaicus stepping back from the brink of extinction? Read more…

Pig-human hybrids
Perhaps the strangest hybrid of them all? Read more…

Galapagos Tortoise Hatchling

Galapagos Tortoise Hatchlings
Baby tortoises found on Galapagos island for first time in 100 years! Read more …


What are these strange animals at an English zoo? Read more…

New anthracothere commemorates a rock star's lips. Read more…

dog-cow hybrid

A dog-cow hybrid?
That's impossible. Right? No? Maybe? Read more…

Watch 'em hop! Read more …

A virtual tour of Lascaux
You can now view the beautiful paintings of Lascaux Cave and never get out of your chair. Read more …

Animal News for Kids

The Golden Poison Frog — The most poisonous vertebrate known. Full article >>

The Red-eyed Tree Frog — Unlike many brightly colored Central and South American frogs, this one isn't poisonous. Full article >>

What do giraffes eat? — About the diet of the tallest animal on earth. Full article >>

The Amazon River Dolphin — The largest river dolphin in the world. Full article >>

A video from Animal News
Making friends with a moray eel!
moray eel

The Chinese Giant Salamander — Perhaps you never knew an amphibian could get this big. Full article >>

The Japanese Giant Salamander — Nearly as big as the biggest. Full article >>

p> Ambulocetus — The whale that wasn't. Full article >>

Coral reefs — Huge, incredible structures built by tiny animals. Full article >>

Black Widows — They cause more fatalities than any other spider. Full article >>

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Chicken-duck hybrids
Are they real? Some say yes. others say no. Read more…

Palau's reefs: Surprisingly resistant to acid water
Marine scientists working on the coral reefs of Palau have made two unexpected discoveries that could provide insight into corals' resistance and resilience to ocean acidification. Read more…

Humpback whales:Overlapping with human activities
Tracking study charts humpback whale movements and identifies overlap with offshore ocean industries. Read more…

A new predator expanding its range
The coywolf, also known as the Red Wolf or Eastern Coyote, is more aggressive than a coyote and more adaptable than a wolf. And now it's moving into big eastern cities like Toronto and New York. Read more…

Cat-rabbit hybrids
Can a rabbit produce a hybrid with a cat? Impossible! Right? The videos in this article might make you wonder. Read more…

Labrador Duck: Not extinct after all?
An alleged case of extinction that may actually be a case of mis-identification. Read more…

Saber-toothed tiger trap: Spanish cave rich in carnivores
Scientists are scratching their heads over why thousands of carnivores died trapped in a cave near Madrid. Read more…

Zoo Corner
Leopon: Lioness x leopard — Half lion, half leopard. Full article >>

Chimpanzee pictures — A collection of chimpanzee images Pictures >>

Where do cheetahs live? — Click here and find out: Full article >>

Elephant food — Read about the foods elephants eat. Full article >>

Giraffe habitat — Where giraffes live. Full article >>

About zebras — Zebra habitat and distribution. Full article >>

Where lions live — Lion habitat and distribution. Full article >>

The foods kangaroos eat — About kangaroo diet. Full article >>

Snake food — What snakes eat and how they eat it. Full article >>

Interesting facts about giraffes — In many ways, giraffes are weird animals. Do you know why? Full article >>

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