Chimpanzee pictures

A variety of chimpanzee pictures appear below.

two chimpanzees in a tree
Taking it easy. Credit: Image courtesy of MPI EVAN/JGI-USA.

chimpanzees in conflict
A fight. Credit: Claudia Rudolf von Rohr

meditative chimpanzees
Thinking it over. Credit: Claudia Rudolf von Rohr

Adult grooming a young chimpanzee. Credit: A. Plumptre/WCS

adult male chimpanzee
Adult male chimpanzee. Credit: Katrin Riedl

Two adult chimpanzees with infant chimp
Check it out! Credit: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology/Cristina M. Gomes

young chimpanzee in a tree
Young chimpanzee in a tree. No credit required.

Two infant chimpanzees at play
Two infant chimpanzees at play. Credit: Elisabetta Palagi (Cordoni G, Palagi E (2011) Ontogenetic Trajectories of Chimpanzee Social Play: Similarities with Humans. PLoS ONE 6(11): e27344. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0027344).

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