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Site Map >> is a website focusing on biology and evolutionary theory. Although there is a lot of educational material on this site, the plan is not so much to teach you, as to give you things think about. The theoretical portion of the site attempts to point out some problems with standard evolutionary theory and offers an alternative explanation of how new types of organisms might come into being. If you want to think about evolution and examine your beliefs, you've come to the right place. Here's an overview of what has to offer:

alfred russel wallace singapore Alfred Russel Wallace
Read about Wallace, Charles Darwin, and the "Delicate Arrangement" >>

Original content offers a huge amount of original material on the topics of biology and evolution. All are written for a general audience. Technical terms in the articles are linked to definitions elsewhere on the website — but the discussion is not dumbed down. Even professional biologists will find things to think about here. To give you an idea of the variety:

  • A dictionary of biology — One of the most popular dictionaries of biological and medical terminology on the Internet.
  • A new theory of human origins — Are we hybrids? Read the evidence and decide for yourself!
  • Biographies — A history of biology in biography. Lives of scientists who've had a major impact on biology, and especially upon evolutionary thought.
  • Macroevolution reevaluated — An in depth, book-length, fully-documented, reevaluation of evolutionary theory and evolutionary thought, by evolutionary geneticist Eugene M. McCarthy — An alternative theory of evolution.
  • Human evolution — Original, illustrated articles on all of the various posited human ancestors, and on related topics, such as cave bears, tool industries, and the paleoanthropologists who investigate them.
  • Mammalian hybrids — Documenting information about mammalian hybrid crosses is an ongoing process on this site. Read in depth about this important evolutionary phenomenon.
  • The species question — An extended analysis of a never-ending question: How should the word species be defined? Biologists can't agree. Is it possible — and perhaps preferable — to avoid the use of this word in scientific debate?
  • Biology news — Biology news stories on a wide range of topics — interesting current research and useful information.
  • The Mesozoic Era revisited — A reevaluation of the fabled K-T extinction suggests it actually is, in large degree, a fable. Was the so-called mammalian radiation primarily a matter of extensive re-identification of preexisting types?

    …and much, much more!

In addition, there are many links to sites elsewhere on the net that fill out the information offered here at (to tour images on the site, click here).

Browsable topic directories

It's easy to find what you're looking for on You can browse all the content by topic, starting from the homepage. Most of the content can be divided into six main categories:

  • Online Biology Dictionary — Find out the meanings of biological terminology, and of the prefixes, suffixes and roots biologists use to construct the words they use.
  • Human evolution — A directory listing all the various hominids, with links to articles on each.
  • Biology news — Biology news categorized by topic.
  • Famous biologists — A list of biologists who've made important contributions to science, particularly evolutionary biology, with links to their biographies.
  • Theory — A listing of the topics covered in the theoretical portion of this website, with links to the underlying articles.
  • Human Origins — A table of contents for the section on human origins.
  • Mammalian Hybrids — Mammalian hybrids listed by category.

You can also do keyword searches of the entire site from the search page.

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