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News stories on nearly all have a biological connection, but this page is named Physical Science Current Events because the stories listed here are slanted toward the physical sciences.

Nanos to the rescue!
Tiny robots seem to provide a cure for a broad spectrum of cancers. Read more…

Human waste: Brown treasure?
U.N. study says don't dismiss the value of that poo you do. Read more…

US-China fusion team
Running the plasma hotter than 100 million degrees C. Read more …

glowing fingerprints

Glowing fingerprints
A new technique instantly visualizes fingerprints — and it makes them glow! Read more…

Not just a girl's best friend?
Australian researchers are using diamonds to get clear images of early-stage malignant tumors. Read more…


Great White takes a bite out of carbon
A new study suggests large predator fish like the Great White Shark play an important role in preventing global warming. Read more …

Bringing industry to light
In a Clemson laboratory, students play with light. Read more …

Spectral imaging of Oxyrhynchus papyri
Ordinary people, even those with no knowledge of Greek or Latin, can now assist scholars at Oxford University in the recovery of long-lost classical literature. Read more...

Mandelbrot Zoom Pass some time falling into infinite detail. Read more …

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