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New camera captures protein structure Related research >>
News stories on nearly all have a biological connection, but this page is named Physical Science Current Events because the stories listed here are slanted toward the physical sciences.

A magnetic protein
Researchers think they may have discovered the protein basis of magnetic sensing in birds Read more…

Human waste: Brown treasure?
U.N. study says don't dismiss the value of that poo you do. Read more…

US-China fusion team
Running the plasma hotter than 100 million degrees C. Read more …

glowing fingerprints

Glowing fingerprints
A new technique instantly visualizes fingerprints — and it makes them glow! Read more…

Not just a girl's best friend?
Australian researchers are using diamonds to get clear images of early-stage malignant tumors. Read more…


Great White takes a bite out of carbon
A new study suggests large predator fish like the Great White Shark play an important role in preventing global warming. Read more …

Bringing industry to light
In a Clemson laboratory, students play with light. Read more …

Spectral imaging of Oxyrhynchus papyri
Ordinary people, even those with no knowledge of Greek or Latin, can now assist scholars at Oxford University in the recovery of long-lost classical literature. Read more...

Mandelbrot Zoom Pass some time falling into infinite detail. Read more …

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