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Marine Biology Current Events is our marine biology news page. It offers news about scientific discoveries and interesting current events in marine biology — anything relating to the world's seas and oceans (and sometimes lakes and rivers, too). This page sometimes links to interesting stories on other websites.

Electrofishing: A more selective way to kill invasives
A new study suggests that electric shock is a better way to cull non-native fish in small streams Read more...

plastic bag

California bans plastic bags
Score one for the environment: California has banned single-use bags, the kind given out in grocery stores. Read more...

Another sign of global warming
Late-summer water temperatures near the Florida Keys were warmer by nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the last several decades compared to a century earlier, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey. Read more…

News Topics:

The Great Hurricane of 1900
Sept. 8: The anniversary of the greatest natural disaster in American history. Read more…

Pelagornis sandersi

Largest bird that ever flew?
Paleontologists have identified the fossilized remains of what could be the biggest flying bird ever found. Read more...

Labrador Duck: Not extinct after all?
Is this alleged extinct North American seaduck actually be a case of mis-identification? Read more …

sea turtle

Sea turtles: Legal harvest tops 42,000 a year
A new study has found that 42 countries or territories around the world permit the harvest of sea turtles – and estimates that more than 42,000 turtles are caught each year by these fisheries.
Read more …

Palau's reefs: Surprisingly resistant to acid water
Marine scientists working on the coral reefs of Palau have made two unexpected discoveries that could provide insight into corals' resistance and resilience to ocean acidification. Read more …

Humpback whales:Overlapping with human activities
Tracking study charts humpback whale movements and identifies overlap with offshore ocean industries. Read more …

Southern Right Whales: Dying in Argentine Patagonia
The southern right whales that use Península Valdés, Argentina as a nursery ground have suffered the largest mortality event ever recorded. Read more …

Charcoal from forest fires: Big factor in marine carbon cycle New research shows that charcoal from forest fires is being dumped in vast quantities into the world's oceans. Read more …

Whale shark conservation: Help from holiday photos Researchers are forwarding whale shark conservation by using photos vacationers snapped on holiday. Read more …

Marine robots: Detecting endangered whales
Listening marine robots are now detecting the calls of endangered whales. Read more …

Antarctic Ice Sheet: Warming fast
Portions of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet are warming twice as fast as previously thought. Read more …

Small fish: Big role in coastal carbon cycle
A new study says small fish like anchovies play an important role in transporting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the deep sea. Read more …

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Radula origins
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Marine Biology Current Events for Kids:

Noise pollution from ships stressing whales
Tests of fecal samples from baleen whales show they are stressed in a now noisy ocean. Read more …

Arctic sea ice decline: Cause of recent snowy winters?
Further evidence of a relationship between melting ice in the Arctic regions and widespread cold outbreaks in the Northern Hemisphere. Read more …

Jellyfish gobbling carbon
Massive jellyfish swarms are altering the marine carbon cycle. Read more …

Sea Lampreys: A new repellent?
A repellent for sea lampreys could be the key to better controlling one of the most destructive invasive organisms in the Great Lakes. Read more …

More from Marine Biology Current Events:

Facts about coral reefs
Coral reefs are perhaps the largest structures created by living things, and yet the creatures that make them are tiny. Read more …

The Amazon River Dolphin
The largest river dolphin in the world.
Read more …

Humboldt Squid
A dangerous predator that often attacks human beings. Read more …

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