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Fossil Evidence for Evolution is's free page covering news relating to geology and paleontology with a bearing on biology and evolution primarily new fossil discoveries and new findings about plate tectonics. This page also provides, from time to time, links to interesting stories on other websites.

Divers find fossils of extinct sloths in cave:

New pterosaur discovered in Patagonia
Scientists have announced the discovery of a new pterosaur in the Patagonia region of South America. Read more…

Chicxulub crater probed
Scientists are probing the Yucatan impact site and learning things no one knew before. Read more… | More info…

Earliest cancer in hominid record
Cancer on a Paleo-diet? Ask someone who lived 1.7 million years ago. Read more…

Chicxulub crater probed
Scientists are probing the Yucatan impact site and learning things no one knew before. Read more… | More info…

Whale-like mosasaurs warm-blooded
A new study says mosasaurs of all types were warm-blooded. Read more… More info…

Buffalo bones
10,000-year-old bonebed in Sioux County, Nebraska remains of 600 ancient bison. Read more…

New dino named
A finely preserved skull unearthed in Argentina has been described as a new sauropod, Sarmientosaurus musacchioi. Read more…

A synapsid survivor
Mammal-like reptile survived much longer than thought. Read more…

Ancient sperm whale tooth
Five-million-year-old fossilized tooth of huge whale found in Australia Read more…

A chip off the old bone
Novel collagen fingerprinting identifies a Neanderthal bone among 2,000 fragments. Read more…

Ancient Bees
Studying pollen from the legs of 48-million-year-old bees. Read more…

Tully Monster ID revealed
As it turns out, the weird, 300-million-year-old Tully Monster (Tullimonstrum gregarium) was probably a fish. Read more…

Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave much older than previously thought
A long-term study by an international team of researchers has led to findings that suggest drawings in the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc cave are approximately 10,000 years older than has been previously thought. Read more…

Vestiges of Homo erectus
800,000-year-old stone tools and tektites found in Vietnam. Read more…

Ancient biowarfare?
A new study suggests modern humans infected Neanderthals with diseases carried out of Africa. Read more…

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and human origins
Analysis of mtDNA-related data suggests humans are derived from an ancient cross involving a female chimpanzee. Read more …

New anthracothere commemorates a rock star's lips. Read more …

Pelagornis sandersi

Largest bird that ever flew?
Paleontologists have identified the fossilized remains of what could be the biggest flying bird ever found. Read more...

da vinci

Are humans hybrids?
Many facts suggest the answer is yes. Read more …

Plaque: A microbial Pompeii
An international team of researchers have discovered a 'microbial Pompeii' preserved on the teeth of thousand-year-old skeletons. Read more …

lascaux horse

Take an incredible virtual tour of Lascaux
You can now view the many prehistoric and beautiful paintings of Lascaux Cave without ever leaving your chair. Read more …

Saber-toothed tiger trap: Spanish cave rich in carnivores
Scientists are scratching their heads over why thousands of carnivores died trapped in a cave in Spain. Read more …

Other fossil evidence for evolution (older articles):

Dinosaurs: How they hatched their young

Herpetocetus: Dwarf whale survived into Ice Age

Challenging bird evolution theory

Puentemys mushaisaensis

Diplodocus: Diet of a Jurassic age dinosaur

A golden rule

Gilboa: Oldest petrified forest unearthed

Carcharocles megalodon strikes again!

Eocypselus rowei

Liaoconodon hui

King Richard III found at last

Early modern human skull found in Laos

Read about the largest flying animals ever to exist. Read more …

A virtual tour of Lascaux
You can now view the beautiful paintings of Lascaux Cave and never rise from your chair. Read more …

The Fayum
About the famous fossiliferous formation in northeastern Egypt. Read more …

The Taung Child
An eagle's prey? Read more…


Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873). British paleontologist. Namer of the Devonian and Cambrian Periods. Full article >>

Mary Anning (1799-1847). British paleontologist. By some accounts the greatest fossil hunter of the early 19th century. Full article >>

Raymond Dart (1893-1988). Pioneering paleoanthropologist. Discoverer of the Taung Child, he was the first scientist to provide hard evidence that humans originally evolved in Africa. Full article >>

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829). One of the founders of invertebrate paleontology. Long before Darwin, Lamarck proposed that human beings had evolved from apes. Full article >>

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