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Whale-like mosasaurs warm-blooded
A new study says mosasaurs of all types were warm-blooded. Read more… More info…

New dino named
A finely preserved skull unearthed in Argentina has been described as a new sauropod, Sarmientosaurus musacchioi. Read more…

human waste

Human waste: Brown treasure?
U.N. study says don't dismiss the value of that poo you do. Read more …

tidal wave

800-foot wave
Scientists have found evidence that a massive tidal wave struck the Cape Verde island of Santiago. Read more …


Great White takes a bite out of carbon
A new study suggests large predator fish like the Great White Shark play an important role in preventing global warming. Read more …

New study: 10-fold increase in renewables feasible
A new Harvard study says the nation's supply of wind and solar power could be increased tenfold without additional storage. Read more …

javan rhinoceros mother and calf

Javan rhinos born
Three rare Javan rhino calves were born in an Indonesian park this year. Is the last remaining population of Rhinoceros sondaicus stepping back from the brink of extinction? Read more…

Laser scanning of dinosaur fossils
Scientists are now using laser-beam scanning to facilitate analysis of dinosaur fossils. Read more …

Electrofishing: A more selective way to kill invasives
A new study suggests that electric shock is a better way to cull non-native fish in small streams/ Read more...

plastic bag

California bans plastic bags
Great environmental news: California bans single-use bags. Read more...

Global warming hits Australia
Climate detectives reveal handprint of human-caused climate change.

New anthracothere commemorates a rock star's lips. Read more…

The Great Hurricane of 1900
Sept. 8: The anniversary of the greatest natural disaster in American history. Read more…

Another sign of global warming
Late-summer water temperatures near the Florida Keys were warmer by nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the last several decades compared to a century earlier, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey. Read more…

Pelagornis sandersi

Largest bird that ever flew?
Paleontologists have identified the fossilized remains of what could be the biggest flying bird ever found. Read more...

Uncorking East Antarctica: Unstoppable sea-level rise
According to a new study, the melting of a rather small ice volume on East Antarctica's shore would trigger a persistent ice discharge into the ocean, resulting in unstoppable sea-level rise for thousands of years to come. Full article >>

Palau's reefs: Resistant to acid water
Marine scientists working on the coral reefs of Palau have made two unexpected discoveries that could provide insight into corals' resistance and resilience to ocean acidification. Read more…

Humpback whales:Overlapping with human activities
Tracking study charts humpback whale movements and identifies overlap with offshore ocean industries. Read more …

Liaoconodon hui: New transitional mammal found in China
Liaoconodon hui, a newly described fossil mammal, has middle ear anatomy intermediate between that of reptiles and mammals. Full article >>

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MPAs: Keeping turtles safe
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are providing sea turtles with an ideal habitat for foraging and may be keeping them safe from the threats of fishing. Full article >>

Earth's heat
More than half of the Earth's heat comes from the radioactive decay of materials within it, says a recent international study.
Full article >>

Whale shark conservation: Help from holiday photos
Researchers are forwarding whale shark conservation by using photos vacationers snapped on holiday. Full article >>

Diplodocus: Diet of a Jurassic age dinosaur Researchers have discovered the eating habits of Diplodocus using a giant, herbivorous sauropod dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Full article >>

Earth facts
Some remarkable facts about the Earth. Full article >>

How will climate change impact leaf fall?
USGS scientists are studying how autumn leaf fall may be impacted by climate change. Full article >>

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Lake Agassiz
Not that long ago there was a lake in northern North America that was larger than all the freshwater lakes of the world combined. Full article >>

William Smith One of the most famous geologists who ever lived. Full article >>

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