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Scientific Current Events is our news page about recent discoveries in science and science related current events. It offers news about recent discoveries and interesting current events in all fields of science. In addition, we have other news pages, each covering science current events in a particular field of scientific research.

Cat-chicken hybrids
Are winged cats actually bird-mammal hybrids? Read more…

New pterosaur discovered in Patagonia
Scientists have announced the discovery of a new pterosaur in the Patagonia region of South America. Read more…

New Study
Shark meat contains high levels of neurotoxins linked to Alzheimer’s. Read more …

Earliest cancer in hominid record
Cancer on a Paleo-diet? Ask someone who lived 1.7 million years ago. Read more…

Will a wild pig uproot the Tree of Life?
A recent story in the Los Angeles Review of Books by longtime science journalist Greg Critser examines the hybrid theory of human origins. Read more…

Chicxulub crater probed
Scientists are probing the Yucatan impact site and learning things no one knew before. Read more… | More info…

Whale-like mosasaurs warm-blooded
A new study says mosasaurs of all types were warm-blooded. Read more… More info…

A chip off the old bone
Novel collagen fingerprinting identifies a Neanderthal bone among 2,000 fragments. Read more…

Scientists have discovered a 600-mile-long coral reef
It’s at the mouth of the Amazon River. Read more…

Greenland ice melt shockingly early
Scientists are incredulous at how soon ice has begun melting in Greenland this year--and how much. Read more…

Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave much older than previously thought
A long-term study by an international team of researchers has led to findings that suggest drawings in the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc cave are approximately 10,000 years older than has been previously thought. Read more…

New plan to save endangered rhinos
A South African retiree in Australia is spearheading an effort to airlift 80 rhinos Down Under. Read more…

Telltale Bugs in Ancient Poo
Sequencing Clostridium to trace Hannibal's route across the Alps. Read more…

New drone zone flown
Malaysia deploys drones to protect forests against illegal loggers. Read more…

Vestiges of Homo erectus
800,000-year-old stone tools and tektites found in Vietnam. Read more…

Ancient biowarfare?
A new study suggests modern humans infected Neanderthals with diseases carried out of Africa. Read more…

A magnetic protein
Researchers think they may have discovered the protein basis of magnetic sensing in birds Read more …

human waste

Human waste: Brown treasure?
U.N. study says don't dismiss the value of that poo you do. Read more …

glowing fingerprints

Glowing fingerprints
A new technique instantly visualizes fingerprints — and it makes them glow! Read more …

Not just a girl's best friend?
Australian researchers are using diamonds to get clear images of early-stage malignant tumors. Read more …

tidal wave

800-foot wave
Scientists have found evidence that a massive tidal wave struck the Cape Verde island of Santiago. Read more …


Aspirin prevents cancer?
A new large-scale study shows that aspirin doubles the survival rate in patients with gastrointestinal cancer. Read more …

New study: 10-fold increase in renewables feasible
A new Harvard study says the nation's supply of wind and solar power could be increased tenfold without additional storage. Read more …

Galapagos Tortoise Hatchling

Galapagos Tortoise Hatchlings
Baby tortoises found on Galapagos island for first time in 100 years! Read more …

Pig-human hybrids
Perhaps the strangest hybrid of them all? Read more …

Laser scanning of dinosaur fossils
Scientists are now using laser-beam scanning to facilitate analysis of dinosaur fossils. Read more …

A molecule-making machine:
New invention by University of Illinois chemists is like a 3-D printer at the molecular level Read more …

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and human origins
Analysis of mtDNA-related data suggests humans are derived from an ancient cross involving a female chimpanzee. Read more …

Other science current events

dog-cow hybrid

A dog-cow hybrid?
That's impossible. Right? No? Maybe? Read more…

Perfect focus through thick layers: Better vision for medicine?
In a first-of-its-kind demonstration, a team of researchers has developed a powerful technique to focus laser light through even the murkiest of surroundings. Read more…

da vinci

Are humans hybrids?
Many facts suggest the answer is yes. Read more…

A new predator expanding its range
The coywolf, also known as the Red Wolf or Eastern Coyote, is more aggressive than a coyote and more adaptable than a wolf. And now it's moving into big eastern cities like Toronto and New York. Full article >>

More scientific current events (older articles)

Labrador Duck: Not extinct after all?

Humpback whales: Overlapping with human activities

Asbestos-detector: First ever produced

Southern Right Whales: Dying in Patagonia

Nanoscale router: New directions for optical signals

Comet ISON: A sungrazer zooming our way

Coelacanth: Genome of living fossil revealed

Charcoal from forest fires: Big factor in marine carbon cycle

Liaoconodon hui: New transitional mammal found in China

Whale shark conservation: Help from holiday photos

New dinosaur fossil: Challenging bird evolution theory

Marine robots: Detecting endangered whales

Mercury pollution: Counting the cost

Antarctic Ice Sheet: Warming fast

Rarest whale seen at last in New Zealand

Greenhouse gas emissions: Mapped to street level

Cancer: The link to obesity

What makes people gain weight?

New cardiac device

Scientific Current Events for Kids

javan rhinoceros mother and calf

Javan rhinos born
Three rare Javan rhino calves were born in an Indonesian park this year. Is the last remaining population of Rhinoceros sondaicus stepping back from the brink of extinction? Read more…

green sea turtle

Green Sea Turtles making a huge comeback
Nesting data from the Florida coast shows green sea turtles are back — in a big way! Read more …

Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead sharks
Scientists track their travels for the first time. Read more …

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