The Hybrid Hypothesis

A new theory of human origins

A personal endorsement: “As a clinician and scientist with medical training, it is a joy to find a theory so carefully and elegantly presented. My interest in the hybrid nature of modern man led me to Eugene McCarthy's website and lifework. What a revelation! Surprising and shocking. Such is the nature of truth sometimes. Life will never be seen in the same way after reading this work.”

Dr Chris Millar
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


And such things as are not commonly known, and lie scattered here and there in other men’s writings, or are found among the old monuments and archives I shall endeavor to bring together.
—Plutarch, Nicias
A comment following a news story about this theory: “I possess a SUNY Stony Brook (DPAS) doctorate in anthropological sciences, and have followed the macroevolution web page cited above for more than a year. McCarthy's hybrid hypothesis is elegantly elaborated and carefully integrated into the state-of-the-art genetics of our times. But much better than that, his work exhibits fine craft, rigorous scientific method, rare synthetic applications, fair intellectual play, and above all, readability. Stodgy naysayers run the risk of looking like the very kind of fundamentalists they loathe. The article cited here demonstrates that the inter-ordinal crossover of chimps and pigs is not as great as once supposed. Larger genetic chasms may have been breached. I invite any vaguely open readers to enjoy themselves, and play along with a paradigm shift that McCarthy suggests. BTW he is not wedded to his theory; he does appear to think that play may precede intellectual matrimony, and, unlike the puritanical American academic liaisons, even follow.”

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