Telophase I

Stages of Meiosis

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Telophase I
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Telophase I

At each pole, during this stage, there is a complete haploid set of chromosomes (but each chromosome still has two sister chromatids). A cleavage furrow appears, and by the end of this stage the parent cell has divided into two daughter cells. This separation of the cytoplasm is called cytokinesis. In some organisms nuclear envelopes appear briefly at this point (this intermediate stage is called interkinesis). But in others the daughter cells begin immediately to prepare for the second meiotic division.

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Etymology: The prefix telo- is from the Greek word telos, meaning end or completion, which in the present case refers to the end or completion of meiosis I. Some other common bio terms starting with this prefix are: telocentric chromosome, telomerase, and telomere.
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