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e- [Latin e- out of, from] (1) out (epilation); (2) lacking, not (ecaudate).

ec- [Latin ex = Greek ek out of, from] Out, out of (eczema).

ec- or eco- or oec- or oeco- or oiko- [Greek oikos habitation] (1) habitation; (2) relating to the environment (ecology).

echin- or echino- [Greek echinos hedgehog or sea urchin] Spiny, pointed (echinate).

echo- [Greek echo echo] Denotes repetition or echo (echolalia, echopraxia, echolocation).

ect- or ecto- [Greek ecto outside] Outside, outer (ectotherm, ectopia, ectopic, ectopotomy, ectotoxemia).

ef- [Latin ex out of, from] Out, away (efferent). Before roots and suffixes beginning with f the prefix ex- becomes ef-.

elaeo- or elaio- or eleo- [Greek elaion oil] Denotes oil or oiliness (Elaeocarpus = a genus of evergreen plants with oily fruit).

elast- or elasto- [Greek elastikos elastic] Elastic (elastin).

eleuther- or eleuthero- [Greek eleutheros free] Free (Eleutherodactylus).

elytr- or elytro- [Greek elytron vagina] Vagina (elytritis, elytroptosis, elytrostenosis).

eme- or emet- or emeto- [Greek emein to vomit] Vomiting (emetology).

emme- or emmen- or emmenio- or emmeno- [Greek emmena menses] Menses (emmenagogue).

em- or en- [Latin im-, in-] (1) in, into, within, inside (empyema); (2) to become (encyst).

en- or eno- See: oen-).

encephal- or encephalo- [Greek enkephalos brain] Brain, having to do with the brain (encephalitis).

end- or endo- or ento- [Greek endon within] Within, inside (endotherm).

enter- or entero- [Greek enteron intestine] Relating to the intestines (enteritis, enterology, enteropathy, enterorrhaphy, enterorrhexis).

entom- or entomo- [Greek entomon insect] Insect(s) (entomology, entomophagous).

eo- [Greek eos dawn] Denotes dawn; can mean (1) early like the dawn (Eocene); or (2) rose-colored like the dawn (eosin).

ep- or eph- or epi- [Greek epi upon] Upon (epidermis; epiglottis; epiphysis).

ependym- or ependymo- [Greek ependyma wrap] Denotes the ependyma (ependymitis).

epididym- or epididymo- [epi- + didym-] Denotes the epididymis (epidydymoorchitis).

epilepto- [Latin epilepsia] Epilepsy (epileptology).

episio- [Greek episeion pudenda] Vulva (episioplasty).

equi- [Latin aequus level, even, equal, like] Equal, alike (equicaloric).

erg- or ergo- [Greek ergon work] Work (ergometer).

erythr- or erythro- [Greek erythros red] Red (erythema, erythrocyte).

esophag- or esophago- (British: oesophago-) [Greek oisophagos esophagus] Esophagus (esophagostenosis).

esthesi- or esthesio- (British: aesthesi- or aesthesio-) [Greek aisthesis sensation, feeling] Denotes sensation (esthesiology, esthesiometry, esthesiophysiology).

eth- or etho- (1) ether; (2) ethyl.

ethmo- [Greek ethmos sieve] (1) sieve (ethmoid); (2) ethmoid bone (ethmomaxillary).

ethn- or ethno- [Greek ethnos nation] Denotes race or nation (ethnology).

etio- (British: aetio-) [Greek aetia cause] (1) cause (etiology); (2) created by the breaking down of the chemical compound specified by the stem (etioporphyrin).

eu- [Greek eus good] True, pure, well (eugenics).

eury- [Greek eurys wide] Wide (eurybathic, euryhaline, eurypterid, eurythermal, eurytopic).

ex- or exo- [Latin ex out of, from, because of, as a result of] Out of, outside of, from, because, external (excision, exosepsis).

exa- [prefix in International System of Units] 1018 (exaFLOPS).

excit- or excito- [Latin excitare to excite] Stimulating (excitomuscular).

exter- or extero- [Latin exterus outer, external, outward, far, foreign] External (exteroceptor).

extra- [Latin extra outside of, beyond, beside, except] On the outside, beyond (extradural).