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karyo- [Greek karya nut, kernel] Nucleus, kernel, nut (karyotype).

kata- or kath- Rare variant spellings of cat-.

kerat- or kerato- [Greek keras horn] (1) horn, horny (keratin); (2) cornea (keratoconjunctivitis).

kin- or kine- or kino- [Greek kinesis movement] Denotes movement or action. (kinocilium).

kinesi- or kinesio- [Greek kinesis movement] Movement, motion (kinesialgia, kinesiology).

kinet- or kineto- [Greek kinesis movement] Movement, motion (kinetochore).

kolp- Variant spelling of colp-.

koly- [Greek kolyo to hinder, prevent] Denotes inhibition or hindrance (kolypeptic).

konio- [Greek konios dusty] Denotes dust (koniology, koniometer).

kry- or kryo Rare variant spelling of cry-.

krypt- or krypto- [Greek kryptos hidden, secret] Hidden, covered, invisible (Kryptopterus = a genus of mostly transparent catfish).

kyo- [Greek kyesis conception, pregnancy] Denotes pregnancy (kyogenic).

kyph- or kypho- [Greek kyphos bent forwards, hunchbacked, stooping] Humped, hunchbacked (kyphosis).

kyt- Variant spelling of cyt-.

labi- or labio- [Latin labium lip] Denotes lip (labiate).

lacrim- or lacrimo- or lachrym- or lachrymo- [Latin lacrima tear] Relating to tears or the tear duct (lachrymiform, lacrimotomy).

lact- [Latin lacte, lactis milk] (1) milk (lactose); (2) lactic acid (lactate).

lacun- [Latin lacuna hollow, pit, cavity] Hole, pit, cavity (lacunaria).

laev- or laevo- Alternative spelling of lev-.

lag- or lago- [Greek lagos hare] Hare (lagomorph).

lagen- [Latin lagena flask, bottle] Denotes a bottle (lageniform).

lan- or lani- or lano- [Latin lana wool] Denotes wool (lanolin, lanosus).

laparo- [Greek lapara abdomen, flank] Abdomen (laparoscopy). Particularly denotes operations involving an incision into the abdomen.

laryng- or laryngo- [Greek larynx larynx] Denotes the larynx (laryngopharyngitis, laryngoscope).

lasi- [Greek lasios shaggy, wooly] Shaggy (Lasiurus = a genus of hairy-tailed bats).

later- or lateri- or latero- [Latin latus, lateris side, flank] Side, flank (laterodorsal).

lati- [Latin latus, lata, latum wide, broad; spacious] Wide, broad (latifoliate).

laur- or lauro- [Latin laurus bay-tree, laurel] (1) denotes laurel (lauric); (2) derived from, or allied to lauric acid (lauramide)

leio- or lio- [Greek leios smooth] Smooth (leiomyoma).

lenti- [Latin lenticula lentil, lens-shaped vessel] Denotes a lens (lentiform).

leon- [Latin leo, leonis lion] Lion (Leonotis = a genus of plants with the common name Lion's ear).

lepid- or lepido- [Greek lepis flake, scale] Denotes flakes or scales (lepidophyte).

lepr- [Latin lepra, leprae leprosy] Leprosy (leprology).

lept- or lepto- [Greek leptos fine, small, thin, weak, delicate] Denotes fine, small, thin, weak (leptotene).

leuc- or leuco- or leuk- or leuko- [Greek leukos light, bright, clear, white] White, colorless (leukocyte).

lev- or levo- or laev- or laevo- [Latin laevus left, on the left hand] Left, toward the left (levorotatory, levoversion).

lien- or lieno- [Latin lien, lienis spleen] Denotes the spleen (lienitis, lienocele, lienopancreatic, lienopathy).

lign- or ligni- or ligno- [Latin lignum, ligni wood, timber, firewood] Wood or lignin, which is a component of wood (lignification).

ligul- [Latin lingula small tongue, small strap] Tongue- or strap-shaped (ligulate).

limn- or limni- or limno- [Greek limne shallow lake] Freshwater lakes/ponds (limnology, limnoplankton).

lingu- or lingua- or lingui- or linguo- [Latin lingula tongue] Relating to the tongue, tonguelike (linguiform, lingual).

lip- or lipo- [Greek liparos greasy, fatty, oily] Fat, fatty, fatty tissue (lipoblast, lipocyte, liposarcoma, liposome).

lith- or litho- [Greek lithos stone] Stone (lithotripsy).

loch- or locho- or lochio- [Greek locheyo to bear, bring forth] Pertaining to lochia (lochiometritis).

log- or logo- [Greek logos explanation, law, theory, reasoning, speech] Denotes word, thought, or speech (logomania).

loma- [Greek loma fringe] Hem, fringe (Lomatium ).

lonch- or loncho- [Greek lonche lance, spearhead] Denotes lance (Arnica lonchophylla ).

longi- [Latin longus long, tall, far] Long (longifolia).

loph- [Greek lophos crest] Denotes a crest (Lophodytes ).

lox- or loxo- [Latin loxos oblique] Slanting (Loxodonta ).

lucid- [Latin lucidus shining, clear, bright] Light, shining, clear (luciferin).

ludovici- In taxonomic names: refers to Louis or Louisiana (Artemisia ludoviciana ).

lumbo- [Latin lumbus loins] Denotes the loins (lumbocostal).

lun- or luna- [Latin luna, lunae moon] Refers to the moon (lunate).

lusitan- Refers to Portugal, which was the ancient Roman province of Lusitania (Lusitanosaurus ).

luteo- [Latin luteus yellow] Yellow, especially light yellow, greenish yellow (Luteovirus ).

lyc- or lyco- [Greek lykos wolf] Wolf (Lycopodiophyta).

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lymph- or lympho- or lymphangi- or lymphangio or lymphatico or lymphato- or lymphoid- [Latin lympha water, water nymph] Denotes lymph, lymphatic tissue, or the lymphatic system (lymphectasia, lymphocyte, lymphoidectomy).

lyr- [Latin lyra lyre] Lyre (lyriform).

lys- or lyso- [Greek lysis loosing, breaking up, parting, releasing] Denotes lysis (lysogeny, lysosome).

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