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oari- or oario- See: ovari(o)-.

ob- [Latin ob toward, against, in the way of] Usually denotes opposition (obstruct).

oct- or octa- or octav- or octavo- or octo- [Latin octo, octavus eight] Eight (octoploid, octipara).

ocul- or oculo- [Latin oculus eye] Denotes the eye (oculomycosis, oculomotorius, oculonasal, oculozygomatic).

odont- or odonto- [Greek odous, odont- tooth] Denotes a tooth or teeth (odontogenesis, odontology, odontopathy).

odyn- or odyno- [Greek odyne pain] Denotes pain (odynacusis, odynometer).

oec- or oeco- See: ec(o)-

oen- or oeno- (also en- or eno-) [Greek oinos wine] Denotes wine or something wine-colored (enology, Oenochrominae, Oenomys )

oesophag- or oesophago- See: esophag(o)-

oiko- See: ec(o)-

olea- [Latin olea oil, olive, olive tree] oil (oleaginous).

olfact- [Latin olfacere to smell] Denotes smell (olfactive, olfactology, olfactory).

olig- or oligo- [Greek oligos few, little, scanty, small] A few, a little, small (Oligocene, oligosaccharide).

om- or omo- [Greek omos ulna, omia shoulder] Denotes the shoulder (omitis, omodynia).

ombro- [Greek ombros rain] Rain (ombrology, ombrophile, ombrophilous).

oment- or omento- [from omentum] Omentum (omentotomy).

omni- [from omnis every, all] All (omnivorous).

omphal- or omphalo- [Greek omphalos navel, umbilical cord] (1) navel (omphalitis); (2) the umbilicus, or umbilical cord (omphalos).

onco- [Greek onkos bulk, mass] Tumor, cancer, tumor causing (oncogene, oncology).

onc- or onco- or onch- or oncho- or onci- [Greek onkinos hook] Hook, hooklike, barbed (onchium, oncosphere). Compare: unci-.

ont- or onto- [Greek on being (pres. participle of einein)] Being, living thing (ontogeny).

onych- or onycho- or onyx- [Greek onyx talon, claw] Condition of the fingernails or toenails of the type indicated by the stem or suffix (onycholysis, onychoma, onychosis, onyxis).

oo- [Greek oion egg] Denotes an egg or the primodial cell that develops into an ovule (oocyte, oogamous, oogenesis).

oophor- or oophoro- [oo- + -phor] Denotes an ovary (oophorocystosis, oophorectomy).

ophthalm- or ophthalmo- [Greek ophthalmos eye] Eye, eyeball, of or affecting the eyes (opthalmoscope).

opto- or optic- or optico- [Greek optikos of or for sight] Denotes vision or eye (optostriate).

or- or oro- [Latin os, oris mouth] Mouth (orad, oral, oropharynx).

orchid- or orchido- or orcheo- or orchio- [Greek orchis testicle] Testicle (orchidectomy, orchiodynia).

ore- or oreo- or oro- [Greek oros mountain] Mountain (orogeny).

orexi- [Greek orexis desire, appetite] Appetite (orexigenic).

ornith- or ornitho- [Greek ornis bird] Bird (ornithophily, ornithology).

ortho- [Greek orthos straight, correct, true, just] (1) straight (Orthoptera); (2) normal, average (orthopedic); (3) at a right angle (orthopnea); (4) chemistry: in ortho-substitution, the substituents occupy positions 1 and 2 (see explanatory diagram >> ).

os- [Latin os, oris mouth] Mouth (oscedo).

osch- or oscheo- [Greek osche scrotum] Scrotum (oschitis, oscheohydrocele).

osmo- [Greek osme smell, odor, sense of smell] Odor, smell (osmology).

osmo- [Greek osmos thrusting] Pertaining to osmosis (osmotic).

osphresio- [Greek osphresis smell] Denotes odor or smell (osphresiology).

ossi- [Latin os, ossis bone] Bone (ossicle).

ost- or oste- or osteo- [Greek osteon bone] Bone (ostemia, osteectopia, osteofibroma).

ostra- or ostre- or ostrei- or ostreo- [Latin ostrea oyster] Oyster (Ostreidae, ostreophagous).

ostrac- or ostraco- [Greek ostrakon shell] Shell (Ostraciidae).

ot- or oto- [Greek ous, ot- ear] Denotes the ear or hearing (otalgia, otic, otitis, otology).

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ov- or ovi- or ovo- [Latin ovum, ovi egg] Denotes egg or ovum (ovary, oviduct, oviparous, ovum, ovipositor).

ovari- or ovario- (also oari- or oario) [Latin ovarium, ovarii ovary] Ovary (ovariectomy, ovariotubal).

ovul- or ovulo- [ov- + -ul] Denotes ovule or ovum (ovulation).

ox- or oxo- or oxy- [Greek oxy- sharp-] (1) sharp in shape, pointed (oxycephalic); (2) sharp in sensation (oxypathia); (3) containing oxygen (oxyhemoglobin).

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