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Online Biology Dictionary is a free, concise, illustrated dictionary of biology and medicine. On this page you can search the dictionary of suffixes and prefixes (Suffix Prefix Dictionary) with an automated search engine. You can find the meanings of a suffix or prefix by entering it in the box below and clicking the Search button. The finder will then search the dictionary and return any matches. This search engine only finds exact matches, so if you're not sure about spelling, you should look up your suffix or prefix alphabetically.

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You can use the search engine on this page for more than one purpose:

  1. Reverse dictionary. Enter meanings to find corresponding prefixes and suffixes (e.g., searching with the word arm will locate the prefixes brachi- and humero-, as well as the suffixes -brachial and -humeral).

  2. Find prefix/suffix meanings. Enter a prefix or suffix in the box and click the Search button. The finder will then search through the dictionary and return any matches (this search requires correct spelling; prefixes and suffixes can also be looked up alphabetically).
When you click on the Search button, links to definitions of relevant prefixes and suffixes will be displayed. Click on the links to access the information you seek.

Tip: If you don't get a result, try using a query that's a synonym (e.g., instead of carry, try searching with the word bear).

Note: This finder is provided by Google, so ads may appear beside your search results.

Some common
Meanings of some
common prefixes:
Prefix for bad >>
Prefix for both >>
Prefix for distant >>
Prefix for equal >>
Prefix for feather >>
Prefix for finger >>
Prefix for fern >>
Prefix for foot >>
Prefix for fruit >>
Prefix for hand >>
Prefix for heart >>
Prefix for large >>
Prefix for naked >>
Prefix for not >>
Prefix for plant >>
Prefix for small >>
Prefix for wide >>
Prefix for wing >>
Prefix a >>
Prefix ab >>
Prefix ad >>
Prefix an >>
Prefix ambi >>
Prefix anti >>
Prefix bi >>
Prefix centi >>
Prefix dactyl >>
Prefix de >>
Prefix derm >>
Prefix dextro >>
Prefix glosso >>
Prefix im >>
Prefix in >>
Prefix infra >>
Prefix inter >>
Prefix iso >>
Prefix macro >>
Prefix mal >>
Prefix mega >>
Prefix meso >>
Prefix meta >>
Prefix micro >>
Prefix oculo >>
Prefix olfact >>
Prefix onco >>
Prefix ortho >>
Prefix plasto >>
Prefix pre >>
Prefix pro >>
Prefix retro >>
Prefix rhizo >>
Prefix sinistro >>
Prefix sub >>
Prefix super >>
Some common
Meanings of some
common suffixes:
Suffix for affected by >>
Suffix for ape >>
Suffix for attachment >>
Suffix for attraction >>
Suffix for bacterium >>
Suffix for cell >>
Suffix for cutting >>
Suffix for condition >>
Suffix for disease >>
Suffix for enzyme >>
Suffix for human >>
Suffix for killer >>
Suffix for knowledge >>
Suffix for pain >>
Suffix for leaf >>
Suffix for plant >>
Suffix for tree >>
Suffix for woman >>
Suffix ac >>
Suffix agog >>
Suffix anthropus >>
Suffix asthenia >>
Suffix bacter >>
Suffix cardia >>
Suffix cide >>
Suffix clast >>
Suffix coel >>
Suffix cule >>
Suffix cyst >>
Suffix cyte >>
Suffix dendron >>
Suffix derm >>
Suffix dont >>
Suffix duct >>
Suffix dynia >>
Suffix facient >>
Suffix form >>
Suffix iasis >>
Suffix philia >>
Suffix phobia >>
Suffix pedic >>
Suffix phyll >>
Suffix ptile >>
Suffix pathy >>
Suffix rhiza >>
Suffix graph >>
Suffix sclerosis >>
Suffix graph >>
Suffix sis >>
Suffix some >>
Suffix stat >>
Suffix tactic >>
Suffix therm >>
Suffix topic >>

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