A Deer-horse Hybrid?


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An alleged deer-horse hybrid pictured in the Dec. 9, 1848 issue of the Illustrated London News (p. 364). Note the deerlike tail. When this image is enlarged, the hoof on the left foreleg appears to be partially cloven. Artist: George Landseer The accompanying text appears below:

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The following is a transcript of the text shown above:


This remarkable filly (seven months old) was found a short time since in the New Forest, and is evidently of a mixed breed, between the horse and the deer. The mother (a pony mare) was observed to associate with some red deer stags in the New Forest for some months, and, at last, this foal was seen by her side. The nose shows a proximity both to the stag and the horse; her forehead is round, like that of the deer; legs slender and distinctly double; hoofs pointed, and partly double; colour brown, lighter under the belly [as in a deer]; tail like a deer.

This extraordinary animal is the property of T. G. Attwater, Esq., of Attwater, at the village of Bodenham, three miles from Salisbury. Dr. Fowler, of that city has inspected the hybrid, and is quite satisfied with the correctness of the preceding statement; and Colonel Buckley (a Keeper of the New Forest) has likewise seen that animal, and is of a similar opinion.

Richard Fowler Richard Fowler

Edward Pery Buckley Edward Pery Buckley


Dr. Richard Fowler (1767-1863) was admitted to the College of Physicians of London in 1796, and opened his practice at Salisbury shortly thereafter. He was soon elected physician to the Salisbury Infirmary, and held that office till 1847. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1802, was successful in practice, and occupied a leading position in Salisbury for many years.

Colonel Edward Pery Buckley (1796-1873), later General Edward Pery Buckley, was attached to the courts of both George III and Queen Victoria. He served the latter as her Equerry (stable master) and therefore must have had extensive knowledge of horses. He also was a member of Parliament, his position as Keeper of the New Forest being only one of many roles he played in public service.

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