Chicken-rabbit Hybrids?

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Psalm 118:23
rabbit mating with chickenIt's well known that buck rabbits will mate with hens. Source

Note: Any claim that hybrids can be produced from this highly disparate and very poorly documented cross would require confirmation.

An alleged chicken-rabbit hybrid was pictured (see photograph, and its caption, below) on page 358 of the July 1897 issue of The Strand Magazine (source):

chicken-rabbit hybrid

Notice that the alleged rabbit-chicken hybrid is standing on a flat, not rounded, perch.

James F. Sleight was Peshtigo’s representative to the Wisconsin State Assembly.

In addition, a brief notice about a chicken with the head of a rabbit appeared on the front page, column 7, of the November 22, 1901, issue of the Marshall County Independent, a newspaper published in Plymouth, Indiana (source). It reads as follows:

chicken-rabbit hybrid

Marion is a city in Grant County, Indiana.

Compare these reports to: Another report recorded on this website, about a rabbit-owl hybrid.

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By the same author: Handbook of Avian Hybrids of the World, Oxford University Press (2006).

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