The passage from Volaterranus (1530, XXXII, p. 374), describing the second alleged dog-human hybrid to which Liceti refers reads as follows:

“Siquidem, sub Pio tertio, in Hetruria puella quaedam cum cane quem maxime amabat rem habens, gravida ex eo facta, semicanem peperit, hoc est, pedibus, manibus, ac auriculis caninis, caetera homine; expiationis gracia ad pontifice delata.”

English translation: “Indeed, under Pius III, in Tuscany, a girl, who had had relations with a dog she was very fond of, became pregnant by him and gave birth to a half-dog, that is, it had the fore- and hind-paws of a dog, as well as the ears, but was otherwise like a human; the issue of how the girl should atone for this sin was referred to the pope.”

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