Diagram of frog life cycle

It's a frog's life

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Diagram of frog life cycle
Diagram of frog life cycle
Red-eyed tree frog
Red-eyed tree frog
In the diagram at right, the successive stages of the anuran (toad and frog) life cycle are shown. The light blue region shows the purely aquatic, larval stages, popularly known as tadpoles or pollywogs. The beige region indicates the terrestrial stages capable of breathing air and existing on land. Adult frogs and toads return to water to lay and fertilize eggs, which develop into larva. The stages shown are:

  1. Early larva ("tadpole"), lacking legs;
  2. Late-stage larva, hindlegs present;
  3. Transitional form with four legs and long tail (moves out of the water for the first time at this stage);
  4. Young adult with residual tail;
  5. Adult.
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