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David Allen is Artistic Director of the Midland Actors Theatre (MAT), UK. His interest in Mendel began when he devised a Theatre-in-Education programme on Mendel for MAT in 2008.



  • Stanislavski for Beginners (Writers and Readers, 1999)
  • Performing Chekhov (Routledge, 2000)
Articles in books:
  • "The Cherry Orchard : A New English Version by Trevor Griffiths”, in Chekhov on the British Stage, edited by Patrick Miles (CUP, 1993)
  • “The Children”, in: Edward Bond and the Dramatic Child, edited by David Davis (Trentham Books, 2005)

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Journal articles:

  • “Going to the Centre: Edward Bond’s The Children”: Studies in Theatre and Performance, 2007
  • “Between Brecht and Bond”: Brecht Yearbook, 2005
  • “Unfinished Pieces for Mechanical Piano”: Modern Drama, Winter 1999
  • "Jonathan Miller Directs Chekhov”: New Theatre Quarterly, No. 17 (1989)
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  • "Exploring the Limitless Depths: Mike Alfreds Directs Chekhov”: New Theatre Quarterly, No. 8 (1986)


Thanks to the following for their assistance with this article: Iona Towler-Evans; Eugene McCarthy; Maj Hultén; Gill Adamson; James Stredder; the pupils and staff of Christ Church School, Fenton

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