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Careers in biology can be of many different types. Some of the more common ones are listed and described below. Note, however, that there are so many careers one can pursue within the general field of biology that not all of them can be named here. The following list, then, attempts to name and define only the major possibilities for careers.
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Careers in biology pertaining to the study of evolution:
  • Biogeographist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies the geographic distributions of living organisms.
  • Developmental biologist — A scientist who studies the processes by which an organism changes from a single cell into a mature, multicellular individual.
  • Evolutionary biologist — A scientist who studies the modes of origin of new forms of life.
  • Ichnologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies the fossilized traces of past animal activity, such as footprints, burrows, trails, and borings.
  • Morphologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who investigates the form and structure of living organisms.
  • Paleontologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies prehistoric life by means of fossils.

Chemistry-based careers in biology:
Careers in biology that involve microscopy:
Careers in biology dealing with animals:
Environmental disciplines:
  • Astrobiologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who investigates the possible existence of extraterrestrial life and/or studies the effects of outer space on living organisms.
  • Bioclimatologist (pronunciation) — A scientist whose career involves the study of the influence of climate on living organisms.
  • Chronobiologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies time-dependent phenomena in living organisms.
  • Conservation biologist — A scientist concerned with habitat preservation, the prevention of extinction, and the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Cryobiologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies the effects of low temperatures on living organisms.
  • Ecologist (pronunciation) — A scientist whose career involves the study of the interaction of organisms with each other and with their environment.
  • Geobiologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies both geology and biology to investigate the interactions of organisms with their environment.
  • Limnologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies the physical and biological conditions of freshwater, particularly of lakes and ponds.

Miscellaneous careers in biology:
  • Agricultural Engineer — A scientist who studies the various aspects of crop and livestock production.
  • Anatomist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies the macroscopic structure of multicellular organisms.
  • Biomathematician (pronunciation) — A scientist who attempts to model biological processes using mathematical techniques.
  • Biophysicist (pronunciation) — A scientist who applies the theories and methods of physics to biological questions.
  • Botanist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies plants.
  • Esthesiologist (pronunciation) — A scientist whose career involves the study of sensation.
  • Geneticist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies heredity, especially the mechanisms of hereditary transmission and variation of inherited characteristics.
  • Immunologist (pronunciation) A scientist who studies the structure and function of the immune system, innate and acquired immunity, the bodily distinction of self from nonself, and laboratory techniques involving the interaction of antigens with specific antibodies.
  • Marine biologist — A scientist who studies marine organisms.
  • Mycologist (pronunciation) — A scientist who studies fungi.

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