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Tip 1: The finder also works as a reverse dictionary. For example, searching with yellow will locate such terms as elastin, bilirubin, xanthochroia, and xanthous, which have the word yellow in their definitions, as well as the prefixes chloro-, flavo-, ictero-, luteo-, and xantho-. When you click on the Search button, links to each match found to your search query will then be displayed. Click on the links to access the information you seek.

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About Online Biology Dictionary

Online Biology Dictionary is a free, concise, illustrated dictionary of biology and medicine. On this page you can search the dictionary with an automated search engine. This finder searches not only the the dictionary of biological terminology on this site, but also the lists of suffixes and prefixes included in the site's word parts dictionary. You can find the meanings of a term by entering it in the box below and clicking the Search button. The finder will then search through all of the terminology lists on this site (other than the list of root words) and return any matches. This search engine only finds exact matches, so if you're not sure about spelling, you should look up your term alphabetically.

Note: Definitions and explanations in this dictionary are updated on an ongoing basis to keep up with current trends and technology.