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Scientists re-weigh the electron, get more precise mass
Last Wednesday in Nature, a team of German physicists reported a new electron-mass measurement that offers a precision to parts per trillion. Full article >>

coral reef

Palau's reefs: Surprisingly resistant to acid water
Marine scientists working on the coral reefs of Palau have made two unexpected discoveries that could provide insight into corals' resistance and resilience to ocean acidification. Full article >>

forest fire
Charcoal from forest fires: Big factor in marine carbon cycle
New research shows that charcoal from forest fires is being dumped in vast quantities into the world's oceans. Full article >>

Herpetocetus: Dwarf whale survived well into Ice Age
Herpetocetus, a baleen whale that was thought to have gone extinct 3,000,000 years ago, actually survived into the Pleistocene. Full article >>

Liaoconodon hui skull
Liaoconodon hui: New transitional mammal found in China
Liaoconodon hui, a newly described fossil mammal, has middle ear anatomy intermediate between that of reptiles and mammals. Full article >>

Belief in global warming: Changing with the weather
A new study says Americans' willingness to believe in long-term global warming depends on short-term weather events that manage to make the news. Full article >>

Salmon homing behavior: Powered by magnetism
A new study says salmon homing behavior relies, at least in part, on an ability to detect magnetic fields. Full article >>

Richard the third
King Richard III found at last: Identity verified by DNA
The remains of the last Plantagenet king of England, Richard III, have been found under a parking lot in Leicester. Full article >>

A new way to track fish
Danish researchers are using a new method for monitoring marine biodiversity and resources by using DNA traces in seawater. Full article >>

Early killer whale menopause: An advantage?
Why does a female killer whale reach menopause so early in life? It's been a mystery, but scientists now think they know. Full article >>

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