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The virtue in most request is conformity.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you think the theories I set forward on this website are worth pursuing, there is a specific, costfree action you can take to assist me.

Various dogmatic individuals who don’t cotton to other people entertaining new ideas have banded together anonymously on the Rationalwiki website to create a page about me that misrepresents my intentions and my work. They misquote me or quote me out of context. They say I claim things I don’t claim. And they do so maliciously and unscientifically, with the intention of discrediting me via ad hominem attacks, instead of attacking the substance of my arguments. Their article is filled with falsehoods about me and my work. They also make various false claims about the nature of hybridization that, if true, would debunk my work.

However, when I tried to point out, in detail, why ninety percent of their statements on that page are incorrect, they didn't want to hear about it. At first, I was simply ignored, and then when I became more outspoken in an attempt to get the attention of the anonymous administrators of the website, I was blocked from making any comments whatsoever. So these faceless critics have been left free to go on using Rationalwiki to misrepresent me and damage my reputation. They’ve actually succeeded in making their page about me rise to the top of the list in Google searches for the name Eugene M. McCarthy.

However, Rationalwiki has an Achilles’ heel, which is that anyone who has not yet been blocked (or, strictly speaking, anyone entering the site from an IP address that has not yet been blocked) can alter pages on their website. They can also do things that will disrupt things by taking up the time of its nameless administrators.

So what I would request, if you wish to assist me in protecting my reputation is the following:

1) Go to Rationalwiki (click here):

2) Click on the Random page link at left;

3) Once you have entered a page at random, click on the tab labeled “edit” at the top of that page;

4) You will then enter the editing page. Scroll down until you see a toolbar that looks like this:


5) Immediately below that toolbar there is a box where you can edit the content of the page;

6) Move your cursor to any point inside that box, click, and then, if your are a PC user, hold down the Ctr key and type the letter a (or, for Mac users, hold down the command key and type the letter a). This should highlight the entire contents of the box

7) Copy the following text (shown in red) and replace the contents of the box with it (the ping code added at the end notifies the various Rationalwiki administrators that your edit has occurred):

I support the work of Gene McCarthy and I don't like your bullying him by publishing false statements about him and his work. Until we see that Gene has stated on his website that he is now being fairly treated by Rationalwiki, I and Gene’s other supporters will continue making this request. We'll also be pinging you till he gets your attention!

{{ping|Christopher}}{{ping|NarkySawtooth}}{{ping|ClickerClock}}{{ping|Owlman}}{{ping|LeftyGreenMario}}{{ping|JorisEnter}}{{ping|Spud}}{{ping|ScepticWombat}}{{ping|Human}}{{ping|Ikanreed}}{{ping|Bicycle Wheel}}{{ping|Bongolian}}{{ping|DiamondDisc1}}{{ping|CheeseburgerFace}}

8) Scroll down further on the editing page until you see the Save Page button and click on it to save the page. (You’ll probably have to complete a little test to show that you are not a robot.)

9) Repeat this process as many times as you can by clicking on the Random page link (at left on every page) and then repeating steps 2-9 as many times as you can (eventually they will probably block your IP). Then, if you want to go further, use someone else’s computer to do steps 1-9 until your new IP is also blocked. You can, of course, repeat this process for as many different IPs as you wish. Also, encourage anyone else who you think might object to Rationalwiki’s behavior to take the same steps as you.

Carrying out these steps will probably take you less than a minute, and after you have done them once, it will take only a few seconds to do them again.

Thanks so much for doing your part to bring Rationalwiki’s bullies to heel!

By the way, whenever Rationalwiki decides to mend its ways and start being honest about me and my work, I'll put up a notice at the top of this page asking supporters to stop bothering them.

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