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Health-related Current Events is our news page about recent discoveries in medicine. It offers recent health-related articles and interesting current events in the medical sciences. This page sometimes links to articles about interesting health-related current events on other websites.

Perfect focus through thick layers: Better vision for medicine?
A team of researchers has developed a powerful technique to focus laser light through even the murkiest of surroundings, an important finding for microscope technology. Read more…

Blocking one receptor on cells could halt rheumatoid arthritis
Scientists have shown how the activation of a single cell receptor provokes rheumatoid arthritis. Read more…

High-mannose patch: Target for new HIV vaccine
HIV's high-mannose patch provides a vaccine target the wily AIDS virus may not be able to escape. Full article >>


More progress with GDF 11, anti-aging protein
Harvard researchers have shown that a protein, GDF 11, they previously demonstrated can make the failing hearts in aging mice appear more like those of young health mice, similarly improves brain and skeletal muscle function in aging mice. Full article >>

University of Pittsburgh study: Treatment stimulates regenerative muscle growth in humans
Damaged leg muscles grew stronger and showed signs of regeneration in three out of five men whose old injuries were surgically implanted with extracellular matrix (ECM) derived from pig bladder, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Full article >>

lou gehrig

Lou Gehrig's Disease: A cure?
A study led by University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute researchers has revealed how ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) is transmitted from cell to cell, and suggests the spread of the disease can be blocked. Full article >>

New hope against glioblastoma: Anti-psychotic medications
Researchers have discovered FDA-approved anti-psychotic drugs have tumor-killing activity against the most aggressive form of primary brain cancer, glioblastoma. Full article >>

weevil joint

3D x-ray film: Rapid movements in real time
Scientists have developed a new technique that records 3D X-ray films showing the internal movements of organisms on a tiny precise scale. Full article >>

sea turtle

Are humans hybrids?
Many facts suggest the answer is yes. Full article >>


Plaque: A microbial Pompeii
An international team of researchers have discovered a 'microbial Pompeii' preserved on the teeth of thousand-year-old skeletons. Full article >>

Malaria returns to Greece as austerity wreaks havoc on healthcare
Tough austerity measures imposed by the Greek government have inflicted major damage to the health of the Greek population, leaving nearly one million of the country’s most vulnerable people without access to healthcare. Full article >>

New tuberculosis test: Detects resistant strains
A new tuberculosis test has been developed by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators. The portable device provides rapid, accurate diagnosis of tuberculosis and other bacterial infections. Full article >>

Asbestos-detector: First ever produced
The first portable, real-time asbestos detector uses a laser-based light scattering technique to identify harmful fibers. Full article >>

Oetzi the Iceman: Bad Teeth
A recent study shows Oetzi, the 5,400-year-old ice-preserved Tyrolean mummy, had oral diseases and dentition problems that are still widespread today. Full article >>

Rituximab: Why it's so effective
Scientists have discovered why the cancer drug rituximab is so effective at killing malignant cells.
Full article >>

Site of miRNA repression: Discovered by UC Riverside-led team
Scientists have discovered that the site of miRNA repression of target gene expression is the endoplasmic reticulum. Full article >>

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Health Current Events for Kids:

Wearable cameras: New insights into health
Recent reports say health outcomes can be improved through the use of wearable cameras.
Full article >>

Self-healing hydrogels: Something new with lots of uses
University of California, San Diego bioengineers have developed a self-healing hydrogel that binds as easily as Velcro, and forms a bond strong enough to withstand repeated stretching. Full article >>

Eating raw cookie dough: Not a good idea
Eating store-bought raw cookie dough has put many people in the hospital.
Full article >>

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Widow spiders: Most fatalities worldwide
Widow spiders are so widespread that they kill more people than do spiders of any other kind.
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Golden Poison Frog
The most poisonous vertebrate known.
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Though many people wouldn't expect it, Darwin could be a funny guy. Some examples of Charles Darwin's not always gentle sense of humor. Full article >>

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